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4 top things I’m learning while working for a legal biz

Hello, beautiful beings.

How are you? How’s 2018 treating you? Any news you’d like to share?

Well today’s post is centred around my current job (Month 3 almost complete) as an assistant for a small legal company.

Enjoy the read!

1. Legal is a whole different ball game and even more so for someone who’s a creative individual & now working in a more corporate space 😮

2. Clients are king & multi-tasking is not my cup of tea, but I’m taking it a week at a time & thoroughly enjoy the thank you emails when a client (or rep) is happy with my service 😊

3. Legal jargon still baffles me (Trust amendments, letters of authority, bond security & a lot more) I must invest in a legal dictionary of sorts 📝

4. Getting a good workout while sorting out hundreds of trusts, wills & deceased estates (Thank goodness for coffee & a strong little body) 😎

But as the saying goes ‘We are all winging it because that’s what angels do’ is so fitting for anyone working within an industry that’s a complete 180 from their previous positions.


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– Kelly


3 ways to alleviate writer’s block

Hello beautiful beings! 😊

I have to confess that my brain has been all kinds of mushy-ness (Is that even a legit word?) & I blame writer’s block. Writer’s block is defined as losing the ability to create work & to experience a creative slowdown.

Below are 3 ways to beat those writing blues. You’re welcome.

1. Write about the first thing you see on your way home from work.

You could surprise yourself…

2. Go for a walk in the garden or listen to the rain

3. Attend a writing class.

As humans, we do enjoy being around like-minded individuals & creative people thrive in a creative atmosphere…

See video below for more ways to beat those writing blues!


3 fab health tips to boost your well-being

For decades, we mere mortals have aimed at keeping in shape but who truly has the extra time after a long day at the office? Well, you are in luck as I share some tried & tested tips:

  1. Before heading out to the shops experts suggest you eat an apple. Weird right? A study in the US concluded that up to 28% of humans who ate an apple before going food shopping actually bought more healthy meals compared to those only had a quick snack. A win-win as apples tend to make you crave less sugary foods and therefore your waistline is happy as well as your bank account. #SaveWhereItCounts. Dr. Aner Tal, of Cornell University, who carried out the research with his colleague Dr. Brian Wansink, said: ‘What this teaches us is that having a small healthy snack before shopping can put us in a healthier mindset and steer us towards making better food choices.’ Healthy foods to buy

  2. Reading, reading, reading! Yes this is quite an obvious tip but did you know that within 6 – 10 minutes of reading a book (be it paperback or a Kindle device) your stress levels lower dramatically and improves your sleep cycle? Reading helps you to sleep better

  3. Breathe in, breathe out – Namaste! Yoga is one of the most loved practices on the planet and with various methods and variations, you are bound to reap the rewards because a healthy mind brings about a healthy body.

Yoga is good for the human body and mind



Self-defence is your only defence!

We truly live in a messed up world where a person cannot even walk to the shop to purchase bread and airtime. Recently, there was an article about a woman who shared her horrific near-abduction story with a local newspaper. 


Being a female is no easy task and I believe that if we know the basics of self-defense, we can escape and live another day. Ladies please be vigilant when walking or even jogging alone. Below is an insightful video that I hope will keep you extra vigilant should you be in such a situation: 

Sources: Kempton Express, YouTube.


Friday the 13th

Can you believe that Friday the 13th is a few hours away?

An interesting read about Friday the 13th.


Please be careful and remember to follow the steps to a t as listed below:

Have you ever encountered something totally weird on this spooky day? I’d love to hear from you so share your experiences in the comments below.

Until next time

– Kelly


How S.M.A.R.T are your goals?

Can you believe that we are already on chapter 4 of 12? How is 2018 treating you and your loved ones?

I decided that it was time to step out of my little bubble and do something completely different (and educational).

I attended a workshop that truly changed my perception and wow perception has been changed for the better. It took place on April 7th at Avitir Academy based in Boksburg & we were a small group of about 20 who each received a workshop booklet. The booklet was packed with tidbits of information ranging from personality types to goals and how to stick to them which is essential to everyday life. The method used is S.M.A.R.T and the acronym stands for:





T – TIME BOUND10.jpg

There was an exercise to find out how round one’s wheel of life is (See image below) and let’s just say that I have quite a bit of work ahead of me *Cue the sighs

2018-04-08 20.59.27.jpg

10 tips for sticking to goals are:

  1. Visualize yourself achieving it

  2. Weigh now against later

  3. Create accountability

  4. Make it smaller

  5. Give yourself a day off

  6. Take your brain out of it

  7. Surround yourself with success

  8. Look back

  9. Prep for success

  10. Know that you can do it!

The workshop was hosted by Monique and she is the owner of BEA and doing amazing things to help those find their fit in the working world of today.

Goal Setting Workshop.jpg

“A balanced life is a happy life”

To book your seat for the next fab workshop click here for more info!