4 reasons why you need a man who reads books

Men who read books really get me going. I mean who can resist the attraction towards a gent who is reading a novel? Cue the hot flushes 🙂 

Book lovers

4 reasons why you need a man who reads books (and magazines do not count) 

1 – He knows how to use his mind

He’s a man with ideas, well-rounded and ready to absorb whatever he can find next. He’s thirsty, and that thirst for life is what makes him so captivating.

2 – He has a spine

Like the books he reads, he has a strong back. He stands up to adversity and knows the making of a man with principles.

3 – A different view on women

A guy who reads is able to see things from a woman’s point and has not only seen but has lived through her struggles.

4 – Until the end 

This is probably the best pointer to keep noted as it shares insight as to why he reads altogether. 

Closure until the end 

He’s not the kind of man who will cut things off without a proper ending. He understands the importance of finishing something he’s started and will never leave without closure.

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Oh my Samsung Health

I am not a fitness fanatic nor do I work out at the local gym, but I do attempt at-home yoga and skipping twice a week.

Samsung has this fab app where you can select a specific workout and track your progress without the hassle of keeping post-workout notes.

My journey with Samsung Health is still in progress and I do find it to have one major flaw but let’s get back to this in a sec! I do not have the luxury of purchasing a Fitbit anytime soon so this app will have to suffice for now.

The only thing that annoys me with this app is the fact that you have to hold the phone in order to have your progress tracked after each exercise. HOW TIRING!!! (I do not have a phone holder that you place on your arm)

Samsung Health

Fab features include

Recorded steps for the day, sleep data analysis, rewards, water & coffee intake for the day (I set my limits to 4) & much more!

ADDED BONUS: Samsung Health app sends you a weekly summary, too. #BodyRevamp

Kelly’s rating: 8/10

Note: I do not see a decline in my data when I use the app on basic mode. Do your research before you download the app. Happy tracking!

To download the app click here

5 fab (and mostly free) ways to relax

According to the Social Media calendar, there is a day devoted to relaxing. Save the date for August 15th, beautiful beings. #HAPPYRELAXDAY

Here are 5 fab and mostly free ways to relax:

  1. A bubble bath (Add partner if necessary)

    Bubble bath

  2. Foot spa with added oils or bath salts

  3. Meditation & Yoga


  4. Camomile tea which not only relaxes your mind but your body for a good night’s sleep (Tried and tested by yours truly)

  5. TLC with your special someone (Unless you are a fellow single-ton then sorry this is not for you)

    TLC time

Do you have any to add to the above list – Share your tips in the comments and let’s connect!

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Artificially Amazing

Do you know what A.I is? Do you know why it has become the latest topic amongst tech heads? 

Forbes.com describes it below 

“The concept of what defines AI has changed over time, but at the core, there has always been the idea of building machines which are capable of thinking like humans.

After all, human beings have proven uniquely capable of interpreting the world around us and using the information we pick up to effect change. If we want to build machines to help us do this more efficiently, then it makes sense to use ourselves as a blueprint.”

Through the use of imagination plus the desire to bend the limitations of what was once deemed impossible, we have tested the boundaries of the abstract with new technologies, blazing a trail towards their reality.

Note: I do don’t have any experience on the topic nor do I work in the tech industry. This is a short intro post for fellow non-techies looking to understand the basics. 

Thank you for your time, beautiful beings. Investors are showing some MAJOR INTEREST in AI and below is an infographic for your reading pleasure. 

AI feature

Braces Update 2017

Hello, beautiful beings! Today, I share an updated journey of my braces. Yes, I STILL have them a year and a half down the line. Back in the more youthful years, I had horrible teeth and at 24 and a half – I STILL DO. WELL, NOT AS HORRIBLE.

The bottom half of my mouth has straightened out quite nicely and I feel a bit more confident when I converse with a person.

The top half of my mouth is starting to upset me and I am getting worried and the ortho keeps signing the same tune “Don’t worry, Kelly, it will get fixed in time.” Gee, thanks, Dr. Nel – Anything to keep milking a patient hey?

Foods that I got back into eating:





I have had the worst craving for Cinema popcorn but that will have to wait.

Do not worry because I do brush twice a day (There are no funds to purchase any floss until further notice) & eat soft dinners and limit my cravings intake. I am a very responsible human. Scout’s honour!

My wish for the rest of 2017 is that these semi white teeth will straighten so that I can rock the look & feel sexy! #WeAllWantNiceTeeth

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What’s up with TAX?

Being the top boss seems like a fab dream to most but there are so many things to consider before you launch your biz.

The Citizen SA newspaper published an article that I kept for my records. Today, I share some of that insight with you. Please note that this article is aimed at South African readers only. Thank you.

Questions to take note of (Small-business corps)

  1. Is your business a CC, company or co-operative?

  2. Is your business’s turnover less than R20 million a year?

  3. Does less than 20% of turnover come from investment income?

  4. Does less than 20% of your income come from rendering a personal service?

  5. Are all the shareholders/members in your biz natural persons?

NOTE: If you have answered yes to the above – your biz could be making income tax savings by registering as a small biz corp.


A business must register for VAT if the turnover exceeds or likely to exceed R1 million during a 12-month period.

A small biz that is registered as micro under the 6th schedule of Income Tax Act may register for VAT, too – Submit all returns and payments every 4 months (June, Oct, Feb)



Business jargon to keep note of:

PAYE: Pay as you earn (employee tax)

UIF: Unemployment Insurance Fund

VAT: Value Added Tax

So, where can you get a little more info from?

Visit SARS by clicking here. Alternatively, visit the South African Institute of Tax Professionals –thesait.org.za

Alfredo with a twist

Are you too tired to whip up a gourmet meal that requires many ingredients? Well, I have some fab news for you!

Alfredo is a classic pasta quick meal that is ready within minutes and adding a twist to it will leave your tummy smiling and craving more!

















How to make Alfredo with a Twist

Ingredients: 2 X tablespoons of marge/butter

                        200 ML of milk

                       400 ml hot water

Recipe:      Bring to boil the above ingredients on a stovetop set at 5. Stir well until mixture is bubbly, add the alfredo into the pot. Bring heat down to a 4. Stir well and check pasta is soft enough after 10 minutes (Taste test accordingly)

Add ham pieces and serve immediately

Note: One packet is ideal for two people. This is also a great meal for work.

Have any meals with a twist? Share in the comments below

July: A month in Review

A month in Review: July 2017

Where has this year gone? I say this every year and every year I feel so upside down! What have I done so far that has stood out for me? Who am I? Is it really downhill from your 20s? #TooManyThoughts

Here’s what happened during the month of July:

  1. The Full Moon turned me into a complete wreck (I barely got 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep, I barely spoke to anyone and lashed out by singing my head off, working out & stuffing my face with sweet & chocolates)

  2. Got back into blogging but at the end of 2017 – I will make a decision if it will be an ongoing venture (Something that has been lingering in the back of my mind)

  3. Confirmation on a new job! BROKE AF SINCE FEB 2017 – I DO MISS HAVING A PURPOSE (OH, AND A SALARY) UPDATE as of 20 July: Contract signed and Kelly and co can breathe again. Thanks, Bobs & Beehives Hair Culture! 🙂 

  4. Tweaked my back and neck during my at-home yoga and cardio exercises – Completed several 30 – 40 min sessions!

  5. I attempted to rescue a neighbour’s Budgie (The cage bottom fell off while it hung from a hook) but failed. However, the second budgie was not harmed – a win win! 🙂

  6. Started using Samsung Health app to aid my #BodyRevamp and it has been quite a goodie!

  7. Super sore mouth due to braces – you’re welcome to call me ‘Metal Mouth’

  8. FINALLY received a 1 GB data bundle and worked on my new blog look.

  9. 5 years later & still single. It’s so difficult to vibe with a gent who understands a blogger & her simplicity. Maybe I should invent a boyfriend machine?

    So, that’s what I went through and hopefully, with the change of seasons – time will heal this little lady and bring good tidings!  


How was your July?

Until next time xoxo

  • Kelly

3 Must-Have Social Media Accounts

Welcome to the blog ALL-IN-ONE. How are things your side? Is there anything exciting or upsetting that you would like to share?

I have been a blogger for over 2 years now with work experience in digital journalism & social media.

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Hello, Sunday! 

Living in an ever-changing digital world we need to have various accounts active in order to keep up with what’s hot and who’s not. Here are the top 3 social media accounts that are not only great to keep in touch with friends and family, but also for your business and networking needs


According to the infographic, there are over 500 million active users and about 50% log on to Facebook every day! An estimate dating back to 2010 states that 54.8% of users range between the ages of 25 – 54 years old.

What used to be a place for students has fast become a world-class place for businesses. A Facebook page is a great way to keep in touch with customers and grow your business that can reach global users. If you would like to find out more or create your own account – visiting Facebook.com and follow the steps shown on-screen

TIP: Keep your page active, ask weekly questions or post greetings. These will aid you in “vibing” with your tribe & rank higher with analytics.

Facebook Stats


Aside from Facebook, this little beaut of a platform is for the creative humans – Pinterest is a visual platform and requires very little wording so if you can write worthy and to-the-point captions – This is for you! Once an account is set up then you create boards and select from NewsFeed on what pins to add to your board. You can also create your own pins from your mobile device’s camera, Pixabay or Canva.

TIP: Select a clear headshot as a profile image and a short bio so that you can be viewed and followed a lot easier. For the fellow bloggers, add your site’s link to your profile #PinterestForTheWin

Keep your boards updated and limit yourself to about 5 or 6 boards (This should keep your account & NewsFeed/ Home clutter-free)

There are about 100 million active “pinners” every month and 42% are women. An average of 66% of Pinterest content that users will pin comes from brand websites.

Pinterest stats and postings


This is my favourite social media platform/ account as I love viewing how my account does and the global community is fab!

The stats rank higher with over 1 billion users and 500 million tweets per day!

Twitter chats are online chats that you can follow with various genres to choose from. I love the TwitterSmarter chat and HootChat (Both are global and you are able to network with thousands of creatives, biz owners and more). Using hashtags ranks your status and other “twits” can engage with you on your specific hashtag. It really is a great place for all!

I use my account for both personal and professional postings with a clear photo of myself, short bio & link to my blog. The only downside to Twitter is the 140 SMS character layout that restricts long status updates.

What is Twitter's global stats


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Thank you 300+


Today’s post is all about YOU. 

I would like to thank my community of followers & readers of 300+ 💛☕💛☕ You’re amazing & I love you all. 
Have a splendid weekend & get drunk (or read) 

I’ll be offline and celebrating. See you all next week!