Braces Update 2017

Hello, beautiful beings! Today, I share an updated journey of my braces. Yes, I STILL have them a year and a half down the line. Back in the more youthful years, I had horrible teeth and at 24 and a half – I STILL DO. WELL, NOT AS HORRIBLE.

The bottom half of my mouth has straightened out quite nicely and I feel a bit more confident when I converse with a person.

The top half of my mouth is starting to upset me and I am getting worried and the ortho keeps signing the same tune “Don’t worry, Kelly, it will get fixed in time.” Gee, thanks, Dr. Nel – Anything to keep milking a patient hey?

Foods that I got back into eating:





I have had the worst craving for Cinema popcorn but that will have to wait.

Do not worry because I do brush twice a day (There are no funds to purchase any floss until further notice) & eat soft dinners and limit my cravings intake. I am a very responsible human. Scout’s honour!

My wish for the rest of 2017 is that these semi white teeth will straighten so that I can rock the look & feel sexy! #WeAllWantNiceTeeth

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Until next time

  • Kelly


2 thoughts on “Braces Update 2017

  1. Hope everything goes well! I haven’t had braces, but I want to get some. My teeth look fine, but I can feel my wisdom teeth crowding up the others. Ah yeah, I have to get my wisdom teeth removed too… yikes!


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