Alfredo with a twist

Are you too tired to whip up a gourmet meal that requires many ingredients? Well, I have some fab news for you!

Alfredo is a classic pasta quick meal that is ready within minutes and adding a twist to it will leave your tummy smiling and craving more!

















How to make Alfredo with a Twist

Ingredients: 2 X tablespoons of marge/butter

                        200 ML of milk

                       400 ml hot water

Recipe:      Bring to boil the above ingredients on a stovetop set at 5. Stir well until mixture is bubbly, add the alfredo into the pot. Bring heat down to a 4. Stir well and check pasta is soft enough after 10 minutes (Taste test accordingly)

Add ham pieces and serve immediately

Note: One packet is ideal for two people. This is also a great meal for work.

Have any meals with a twist? Share in the comments below


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