How to handle preschool jitters

“It was really a tough time for me to settle up my kid in his preschool, which happened not just once but twice since we had to change his school. It was an overflow of emotions both at my & my child’s end but it left me slowly with so much of learning that I wanted all mamma’s in this phase to get into an easy setting. Separation anxiety is heartbreaking!”

Did you know that stepping out of the cozy atmosphere is the most dramatic moment of a preschoolers life?

Guest writer Jhilmil, is a passionate parenting blogger. She writes about all things parenting. A travel buff who enjoys quality time with her lovely 2-year-old child. 

You can visit her blog Mommy In Me by clicking here

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This guest post highlights the importance parents play when dealing with a child who experiences separation anxiety at a preschool level.

Below are pointers to remember if your child cries during the various stages:


Your child cry since they don’t yet know how to express their feelings. Crying is the only mode of communication for them when they are resistant. Their world is not yet full of words to express it.


Without proper goodbyes, a tensed aura around the child will develop & a sense of insecurity is felt. Ensure you keep this noted and practise regularly – Communication is key AT ANY AGE!

Separation Anxiety:

Refrain from saying -“ I’ll leave you & go”, I’ll never come back”, That can be a great emotional moment for them which will stick in their tiny brains. It’s a fear what if mamma will not come back? How & what will I do without mamma? Who are all these people not so loving like her? Yes, kids want to hold on the most safest mode in this scary world, and so do we as well. Nothing wrong, separation anxiety will soon turn into a friendly separation!

Poor Sleep or Eating Habits:

Put your child to bed early and wake him up well before time so that he has enough time to share a beautiful morning with you. 

Lack of attention:

Children need attention and often resort to crying and agitation if needs are not met.


What the parents need to do to ensure a smooth transition for the child

* Acquaintance with the school:

A very basic activity that allows your kid to become acquainted with the school, fellow mini learner & the teacher – Prep is key!

* Shop Together:

Let your kid get excited about school. Indulge him or her in buying bags, bottles, lunch boxes & some treats – creating a good vibe about attending school altogether. 

* A teddy bear or something to hold:

A sense of safety and security will aid any doubts that may arise in your child. 

* Be on time:

Start planning your routes to and from the school and try to stick to it, being on time adds in appeasing separation anxiety in your child from an early age. 

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