What is inside a First Aid Kit?

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The very definition of First Aid is “emergency medical help given to a sick/injured person before full treatment is available” – Oxford English Dictionary (Seventh Edition 2012)

Human beings have always reverted to the #1 human trait since the dawn of time…


Survival is what makes us push on, live each day and overcome extreme hardships despite what our emotions are on that current day or night.

Below are the essentials found in a First Aid Kit (For South African readers, visit Takealot.com to purchase one and ALWAYS be prepared for an accident)


6 x thin plaster strips

2 x big plasters

2 x bandage rolls

1 x triangle (shoulder sling) bandage

2 x non-adherent pads (primary dressing for light draining wounds)

4 x gauze swabs (used to place over a wound before taping, strapping or bandaging up or can be soaked in antiseptic liquid)

2 x dress bandages

4 x sting relief pads

6 x alcohol pads (used for disinfecting tools and hands prior to treatment and not for consumption, lol)

1 x Instant ice pack

1 x Blue jelly sticky bandage (Used to place over wound with heavy draining)

Pair of gloves

1 x mouthpiece

Small tweezers (Used for cutting open clothing and not for your eyebrows, lol)

Mini scissors

1 x thermostat

NOTE: Mini kit is portable and can be used for both home and car accidents

Useful local emergency numbers (SA only)

Nationwide flying squad – police patrol unit
10111Nationwide Ambulance

Nationwide Fire Brigade


082 911


084 124

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