So, you have a dirty little secret?

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This post is aimed at those who need help to combat a very serious (often disturbing) habit…


WebMD states that hoarding is an intense attachment to items and the assumption of said items might be useful in the future.

Hoarding does seem to have a major impact in the USA with a current estimate of 6.5 % and 2% in South Africa.

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These are definitely a concern that should not be laughed at or ignored. What is so wrong with keeping a few items stuffed away in your cupboard or stacked in the garage?

  1. Biohazard

  2. Fire

  3. Mold

 Curious for more info? You can read the full article by clicking here

Below is an insightful video that can help you make that difficult decision and combat your disturbing hoarding disorder


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Sources: Hoarders.com, WebMD, The Washington Post



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