4 essential pointers for my future self

This week I dabble in another non-censored post so before you proceed to read further, please make sure you are not sensitive to language and that you are in a comfy spot to read.

Thank you.

One question that lingers in the back of my mind:

“Describe yourself in 1 word” How the hell does a person answer this correctly? Is there a wrong answer?

To me, this is a beautiful and in-depth question that every single person needs to jot down.

My answer to the above is… Damaged

I am a damaged person, but don’t mistake it for being broken – I am merely damaged and it is what keeps me going despite the mundane shit that goes on. Life is a bitch and guess what? YOU control the outcome!

Here are my pointers for my future self to take note of because the time for an 180 on life is about to take place within the next several months:

Pointer 1 – Confidence

For several years I have lacked this key element because I am an introvert at heart and it is a HUGE BITCH 90% OF THE TIME. I watch people (Ok, wait that sounds a bit stalker-ish…) hmmm, let’s try again?

I observe human nature (Showee, that’s a bit better) and most people ooze with self-confidence and it shows not only in their appearance but in their careers and relationships with others. But how does a 24-year-old lady with mild depression and an introverted personality suddenly acquire this? Well, my dear future self that is something to ponder on and perhaps work on through a “Trial and Error” formula. Good luck!

Pointer 2 – Compassion

OK, this is definitely a super pointer to take note of, Kelly, and work on throughout the next several years. Compassion can be a difficult little trait as people tend to hide their intentions until you show some ‘compassion’ and BAM you are played. Lee-Ann Matthee (my beautiful and somewhat annoying yet lovable older sister) is a perfect example of compassion.

Her soft nature, big heart, and bubbly personality is what makes a compassionate person so … loved.

But being Yin Yang sisters (She is the light, the love, the heart and I am the one who’s just the author of this article lol) we work well to keep the balance in both our lives, our families and our homes.

Being a hard wired and somewhat stubborn lady, I find it tiring to be so bubbly and all and that is ok with me. What gels with another person will not gel well with you – LIFE.

Pointer 3 – Pay attention

Well, this is something that I am sure most readers are saying ‘Yip, I can definitely agree with Kelly on this one, distraction is the devil’s advocate and we all succumb to its charm. DAILY! #WHATTHEHELL’

Back in June 2016, I landed a then dream job of writing content for a local media company and every day I did my part and found myself so distracted even when I applied myself to the specific task. Yes, I did have a notepad with me and re-read what was needed of me (Hmm, it is rather warm here in Joburg, South Africa especially for Winter)

Wait what was the point of this article again?

See what I mean?

Distraction surrounds me 24/7 and I do try and stay focused but it is not easy. Do you have advice for me on how to combat this?


Pointer 4 – Forgive yourself, know your worth, grow

Why do people tend to fall into a rut and beat themselves up after failing a certain activity or person?

We thrive for success and we want to keep others in our lives happy even when we lose sight of everything else.

Going back to pointer 2 (Were you paying attention?)

“Being a hard wired and somewhat stubborn lady, I find it tiring to be so bubbly and all and that is ok with me. What gels with another person will not gel well with you – LIFE.”

I often revert to calling myself out on something that was silly, stupid & wrong of me and that feeling of pure anger and sadness twirls up inside and knocks me down. But future self Kelly will need to learn how to forgive herself and grow into a beautiful butterfly before she detonates and ruins her life altogether…

I am grateful despite being a bitch 90% of the time and often wonder what life would be without its hurdles? But such hurdles are what makes life a journey.

 Would you like to share your pointers or comment?

Scroll down and add your name and comments at the end of this article or email me for a little one-on-one chat – mattheek63@gmail.com

Until next time xoxo




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