Beauty Confessions

Greetings, beautiful reader 🙂

Can you believe that in a few hours May will be up and June will be upon us? Where is 2017 going? It truly feels as if each year flies by quicker & quicker and we age more & more *Cue the tissues & chocolates. 

I decided to venture into a topic that truly speaks to most ladies who barely enjoy the hassle of applying make-up and “putting on a face” before heading out the door and feeling pretty on the outside, too 

I am looking forward to connecting with you and reading your thoughts on this post. 

Growing up, I was drawn to the wonders of make-up and how it can transform a woman’s face yet I lacked the energy and patience to dabble in the art. Being an introvert and a simple plain Jane – I barely wore any make-up on a good day and during high school days, I was fresh faced with my hair all back and only lipice on my lips. 

Seeing so many brands and ads these days leaves me feeling overwhelmed but in a way relieved. Why? Well, I am not obsessed with adding layers and layers to my face daily and battling with bad skin in the long run. 

My makeup bag is not filled to the brim with products but consists of a light make-up mousse. brow pencil & mascara. Yip, a whole 3 products that last me for months on end and 90% of the time I am with family or at home, so no need to overdo the art. A splash of mousse and mascara and I am happy 🙂 Oh, Labello lip butter is a must, too

A brief history of make-up can be found by visiting the link below 


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