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My writing career began back in 2015 when I completed a certificate in Language Basics through College SA (A RUBBISH COLLEGE WHO ENJOYED HOLDING BACK MY REFUND) and pursued a path in journalism via a course through SA writer’s college (FAB COLLEGE WITH HUNDREDS OF CATEGORIES TO CHOOSE FROM AT AFFORDABLE RATES)

ACR is an app that allows you to record a phone call with a touch of an on-screen button.

“Another Call Recorder is a free call recorder application. It is one of the best call recorders in the Play Store and offers tons of features such as:– Search
– Grouping recordings by date
– Auto email (Pro)
– Auto delete old recordings
– Marking recordings as important so they don’t get auto deleted
– Multi-select, delete, send
– Displaying contact name and photo
– Excluded numbers
– Auto or Manual (Pro) call recording
– Password protection of recordings
– Lots of recording formats
– Ability start delayed recording” – Google Play Store 

Note: There are various names for this app, so whatever you choose to download and use the common name is ACR. 

I pretty much stumbled across ACR back in 2016 when I started to interview sources for blog articles and hated jotting down notes while I did a quick search and voila – ACR popped up and I downloaded it the same day. #DIGITALSAVVY

ACR has the option for the user to select to record calls or to de-activate after a specific call has been recorded.

Being an ex-digital content producer, I still enjoy reviewing a bunch of publications, beauty products & apps – Brands love feedback so grab your laptop, review that goodie and tag the relevant company/person – Note: Keep it simple and to the point, Don’t forget to add in your personal images for added effect to your post or use Pixabay or Tumblr. After all, we live in a digital era where a post, video & other forms can go viral and you could become a digital savvy sensation. Start a blog, vlog, YouTube channel & let your work spark interest in others, globally! 

Journalist Word Horn.jpg

Kelly’s rating: 9/10 for its easy-to-use functions and it can be used by bloggers, journos & beyond!

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