The #BodyRevamp Journey by Kelly Matthee

Hello! Hello! Welcome to the newbie readers and a warm hug to my devoted readers.

This week I share my body revamp journey (Quick tips, too) with you, the reader. I have posted a few happy milestone photos on my personal Facebook account with captions but I decided to share a little insight on this blog. 

As most of us dread working out on a good day or for the fellow non-fitness freaks – These simple at-home exercises will aid you with your body revamp. After all, summer bodies are made in winter – A lesson well learned and a good motivator.

I would like to ask you: How often do you work out? Do you exercise daily or 2-3 times a week? Share your fitness journey with me, Kelly, by commenting on this article or if you would like a one-on-one chat – Email: mattheek63@gmail.com 

For the past 2 months, I have been focusing on exercises to help me with my journey and wow – draining is the nicest adjective I will say. Lol. My fat areas are my legs (Mostly thighs) and my butt. Cellulite is just the WORST NIGHTMARE that leaves one feeling so ugly and a bit shy to wear pretty, semi-revealing clothes (Well, unless you already have rocking body, keep your comments to yourself as the rest of us are aiming for our desired look)

Below I share my workout session and I aim to inspire those who, like me, lack the energy to get up and work out. At the end of each workout section, I do take a 1-minute water break to balance out the sets and control my breathing and flow of movement.

BRIDGES – A fab workout that requires minimal input. You lay on a yoga mat for added comfort during your set (I like to do 2 sets of 20)

FIRE HYDRANTS – A great workout that is meant to target inner thighs and butt area (I like to do 2 sets of 20 per leg)

LUNGES – Some like to use weights during this exercise, but I don’t use weights often as I have a damaged right shoulder that is prone to stiffness with the slightest of movement from weight lifting during any exercise (Yip, 2 sets of 20 per leg)

DONKEY AND SQUAT KICKS – These two exercises have become my go-to for a power boost during those unmotivated days, working both thighs and the butt area is what I am all about.

YOGA – A few mixed sets make the pointer of yoga as to tone, ease, open & alleviate the body throughout, I like to end off my yoga session with a tree pose and child pose.


As a non-fitness person, I tend to lack the overall effort of arm and tummy workouts. But I have discovered a super comfy and easy alternative that requires the help from a resistant band thingymabob (Forgive me my darlings, I speak limited gym jargon)

This works the entire body from arms, tummy, thighs, legs and butt & the neck muscles get attention, too. This variation gets 2 thumbs #FITNESSJOURNEY

UPDATE: As of 20 June, I COMPLETED 40 MINUTES OF MY AT-HOME WORKOUTS 😎 a huuuuge milestone for me and a FABULOUS #SlayDayTuesday !!

Further reading: Aim for 3 days a week to get your body into the zone of training. I aim for Tuesdays, Thursday or Friday (Depending on the weather and my mood) and on Sundays 🙂 

When should you work out? There are thousands of articles that state different times of the day – You need to do a trial and error and see what works best for you. I prefer early afternoon sessions compared to a night or morning session. 

Don’t forget to warm up the body for a minute or 2 and hydrate often and remember to breathe! NAMASTE BEAUTIFUL BEINGS! Ladies, we all have our body goals, stick to your own pace, time and sets. I wish you the very best with your #BodyRevamp and I cannot wait to have a rocking little bod in summer.

UPDATE AS OF 24 MAY: I have reached another fab session of 30-minutes with my #BodyRevamp journey with a sore back for reference – No pain, no gain!

Super easy video to follow with resistance bands

Alternatively, tweet me your photos with the hashtag #BodyRevamp and tag me @kelly_matthee 

Until next time, darlings … KEEP SLAYING!



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