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Note: For South African readers as this is for a local magazine. Thank you!

Back in April, I reviewed the GH SA edition and this month it’s time to review May’s edition. Being a content creator and ex-digital content producer, reading and reviewing go hand-in-hand and brands, companies, and businesses thrive on feedback (Yes, even negative comments help to grow each sector)

Listed below are the best articles that I thoroughly enjoyed and hope you’ll get the chance to grab a copy and read the articles in full.

PAGE: 12 and 14

COMMENTS: Great purple sleep set and yellow slippers that are both available from Mr Price at approx. R280. The leather jacket look for work, evening and weekend is a must have winter item that never goes out of style. See page 14 for more info and stockists!

PAGE: 28

COMMENTS: Focal pointers to add personality and life to your home and covers a feature wall, mirrors & an investment piece!

PAGE: 32

COMMENTS: Home hacks to start using soon! Did you know that Vaseline Jelly can be used for buffing out scuffs on leather? And did you know that Hydrogen Peroxide can erase wine or coffee stains from soft, delicate fabrics?

PAGE: 35

COMMENTS: Farmhouse appeal article that adds a splash of green (Light Kiwi Burst from Dulux) in the kitchen and it truly adds life to a light wooden area

PAGE: 60

COMMENTS: Reading glasses that can be adjusted with new lens technology and suitable for any eye strength. Curious? Visit ktgroup.co.za for more info!

PAGE: 74 – 76

COMMENTS: An article that works well as it lists pointers on living a happy life with good choices. Written by Brittany Burke and the pointers that stood out well for me were 11 and 13. 11 – Embrace your Age and 13 – Drink a little more water (Already drinking more water after my workouts now) THANKS, BRIT!


PAGE: 79

COMMENTS: Something for the pet owners to try out – Kinesiology

What is it? Well, it states that it is a type of muscle therapy that monitors various responses from certain triggers. Grab a copy of GH SA May edition to read the full article and your pet will love you even more!

For great word searches, crosswords & more visit goodhousekeeping.co.za

Kelly’s review: 8/10

Sources: Good Housekeeping South Africa


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