Book review for Temptation by RL Stine

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This week I treat my fellow book lovers to a quick and spoiler free review. If you have read this novel please leave a comment or two at the end of the article.

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RL Stine takes a different approach with this novel because it can be joined by adults, too. Stine is well known for his Goosebumps world that is aimed at teens.

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In Temptation, the reader is hooked from the get go because you get the feeling of something dark and mysterious is about to take place  in a coastal town of Sandy Hollow.

First up is Jess who is a beautiful Eternal One with pale skin, dark brown eyes, and long copper hair.

Next, the reader meets Gabri who has black eyes, blonde hair and is just as tall and pale as Jess.

“When they finally stood up, still laughing, not the slightest bit out of breath, brushing sand from their clothes, he took her hands. And pulled her close. He looked so handsome under the low, low moon. She knew he was going to kiss her… Those dark, intense eyes, so serious, so hypnotic”

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Section 2 explores death and ulterior motives and a big reveal that truly leaves you feeling all the feels! #NOSPOILERS

First up is April who is a beautiful girl with blonde hair and green eyes and is on holiday with her family. Matt is a good friend and crush of April’s and he has yet to find out what his fate will be with Jess and April…

Section 3 wraps up the novel with a cliffhanger, are vampires real?

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For a full description and to read a few reviews then click here and scroll through the lists




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