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Recently I had a digital chat with the WWF-SA and I hope something motivates you to get involved and help to clean up Earth and keep her animals happy, safe & thriving. Let me know what you think?

For a little further read then click here

  1. What are the ocean tips that we need to take in order to sustain life for marine animals?

As a consumer, you have the power to make a difference. Make sure that every time you eat fish it’s on the SASSI green list (see http://wwfsassi.co.za/sassi-list/ for more information). The SASSI list is a traffic light system which tells you whether or not the fish is sustainably caught (Green means “best choice”, Orange means “think twice”, and Red stands for “don’t buy”) You can check the status of the fish you want to buy or order on the FishMS service (send a message to 079 499 8795 and you’ll get a reply immediately). Alternatively, you can download the SASSI app onto your cell phone at this location http://wwfsassi.co.za/sassi-app/. Also, importantly, avoid single-use plastic items which cause litter in our oceans and harm sealife – things like drinking straws, plastic knives and forks, shopping bags etc.

  1. How can a person get involved with WWF-SA? Any way to donate for those restricted with transport?

As an NGO we raise funds for all our conservation work and are very grateful to those who support us. For more information on how to support our work through donations, see http://www.wwf.org.za/donate/

  1. Is renewable energy a good thing in terms of sustainable living for both animals and people? 

We support renewable energy as a way of reducing carbon emissions which are the underlying cause of climate change, which has potentially devastating impacts on animals and people. 

For some background info and to read further about the WWF SA then head over and  click the link

Thank you for popping in and reading something that every animal and Earth lover takes to heart. 

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