6 Tips to Improve your Concentration in School

Great tips for all ages!


We live in a world full of distractions. Even the most focused individuals easily become sidetracked by ads and snapchats that make their way to us – and usually when we’re trying to study.

Go online to do research, and up pops that new iPhone you’d been eyeing on eBay. Pick up your phone to check the time and along comes 23 new likes on Instagram, 4 new Twitter mentions, and a Tinder message from your new crush.

It’s so easy to click on that one ad or check that one message. And before you know it, you’ve read a hundred tweets, liked 50 pictures, and found a better deal for a new iPhone… but only read the first paragraph of Chapter 10.

So here are six tips to help you focus and get more work done, in much less time.

Learn to Say No… to Yourself

In school, counsellors and guest speakers spend a…

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