Mother Nature’s Most Beautiful Creation

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When I first started blogging back in 2015, I wrote about animals and shed some insight into my plain Jane lifestyle. Today I give you a bit more context, enjoy the read, my beautiful reader!

Birds have always had a super soft spot in my life and my heart. Growing up, my Oupa always had birds in his home. Sunday lunch visits were the best time of the week for me. Being outdoors and admiring the birds both in their cages and the wildlings outside – Cue to the Crazy Bird Lady squeals.

On the balcony, I have a dark green bird feeder which attracts a variety of beautiful birds. My favs are the pigeons, some have stunning shades of grey, brown, black, white and swirls of the above. Oh, they are quite tame too and often walk into my flat so see how things are (I do leave some bread out so they can snack in between the exploring visits) The birdfeeder gets refilled every second day. The little finches and company love making a little mess but as long as God’s creatures are eating and happy, I do not mind the daily cleaning (Animals over people for this little blogger)

I enjoy the outside DMCing, too. A little nature therapy is good for the soul and birds are definitely my go-to source. The blog post does continue after the video below, please read until the very end as there is a gallery to showcase the article, visually. 🙂

I do have a parrot that I refer to as my child. She is a white and yellow Indian Ringneck with blue eyes. Her name is Captain, and yes she does like to screech, nibble & climb up cupboards. But, on the brighter side of things; Cappy likes to mumble and give kisses (No, not real kisses but mimics the sound of one) Let’s say that it is never a dull day in my home.


Captain The Parrot 🙂 I love her colouring! Image rights: Kelly Matthee


Back to the reasoning behind this bird post is to showcase the gallery and hope fellow bird lovers will connect.


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