Snuggle me up: Winter Decor

Hello there 

Winter is not a favourite time of year for most of us, but that is how the seasons work and we need to just make do with what we can. So, why not shop the best to keep yourself and your loved ones extra toasty? 

If you have any go-to winter decor feel free to comment with links. Sorry, this post is for the SA readers only. But I am 100% sure that overseas stores stock the same or similar items. 

Happy shopping and enjoy the read with a cuppa coffee or tea 🙂 


Throw fleece – R400

Throw chunky fleece – R190

Electric blanket – R1100

Duck inner – R1000

Bamboo inner – R1200



Jersey Knit – R330

Mink fleece – R400

Mr Gown – R450

Puff pillow – R200

If you are feeling a bit curious for more and would love to view the above items, visit http://www.home.co.za/home



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