Spotlight: Good Housekeeping April Review

Being an ex-digital content producer, I enjoy a good challenge of reviewing products & services. This month I chose Good Housekeeping SA. I am looking forward to your comments.

At the end of the day, any brand or company loves a good (or bad) review of what they have to offer the public.

Enjoy the read, beautiful beings! 


PAGE: Cover with Drew Barrymore

COMMENTS: Beautiful and light background that makes for a vivid read and makes the reader want to open the magazine. The bold and larger font adds to the visual effect that the magazine aims for

PAGE: 14 – Grown-up pink article

COMMENTS: Stunning pink wardrobe pieces and as a huge pink lover, I definitely give this article 2 thumbs up

The tip works well “When wearing head-to-toe pink, keep accessories simple and classic” after all, no lady should look like a Christmas tree

PAGE: 30 – Home Hacks

COMMENTS: Expert Vicki Sleet definitely knows her stuff with great and super helpful home hacks that every woman needs to keep noted to use at home. The Fake your house clean is something I will be trying out, soon. Great job, GH.

PAGE: 60 – Skin SOS

COMMENTS: “The older you get, the more sensitive to cold temperatures your skin becomes” This is one fact that will haunt you for years if you do not look after your body from the get-go. Dr Walayat Hussain shares that low temps and wind strip your skin of its moisture and in turn, leaves it prone to dryness. During the cold seasons, add two layers of cream after daily bathing and keep your body happy.

PAGE: 87 – Money-saving guide

COMMENTS: With 13 tips for every person to start using today, this article is one of my all-time favourites and thank you to the writer, Nicole Saporita.

The following tips stood out the best for me

Tip 1 – Shell out only for skincare with active ingredients and spend less on products that wash off (Cleanser, body wash, and soaps). Focus more on creams.

Tip 11 – Shop smart with digital discounts. Being a huge fan of all things digital, this tip is definitely a bonus and fingers are crossed for more discounts. For more info visit unileverdeals.co.za and start saving today on essentials such as tea, washing powder and more!

BONUS REVIEW: I absolutely love the Horoscope section on page 126 and always read it every month, thanks for the predictions, Tracy Shaw. The white background with black text attracts the eye a lot quicker, too.


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