Profile Spotlight: Cierra Cross

Hello, beautiful beings 🙂 

Happy New Week to you and your loved ones. Today, I share a little spotlight on a fellow blogger who describes herself as a pink lover (Yip, I am definitely #TeamCC) 🙂 

If you would like to be featured later this year, email me? mattheek63@gmail.com

Enjoy the read, my lovely readers!

*Hands the mic over to Cierra


I love all things pink. I enjoy the simple life, but I have expensive taste. I love fashion, but I don’t have a set style because I like so many different things. You can check out my style here.

My dream car is a Range Rover all black (expensive taste part one). I would love to live in a farmhouse with a decent amount of aminals. The plan right now is to major in Early Childhood Education and become a teacher. I also love to bake and owning a bakery is a dream of mine. As well as owning a dance studio… I love to dance, I have done it 90% of my life. I would also like to work in the fashion industry. Can you tell I have many interests??

I like to spend my free time on Pinterest and Youtube. Oh and I listen to music like all the time. Britney Spears is my idol. But I do like all kinds of music, especially the music I can dance to. I have an addiction to coffee. I cannot go a day without it. So much that any pillow, shirt, poster, that has anything coffee related I have to own it (I wish).

I spend most of my free time on Pinterest. I get my makeup and hair ideas from YouTube. I recently did a blog post on my favorite YouTubers, check it out. So, when I’m not at school, working, surfing the web or blogging, I like to work out and clean. I prefer to work out at home because I don’t like people watching me. I look at Pinterest for workout ideas. I am super organized, I hate messes. I clean out my room every two weeks. I feel the most productive when I have a clean house. Speaking of houses, flipping houses has always been a dream of mine. I love interior decorating which may be why I keep redoing my room… Stay tuned for a little tour in the near future 🙂 

I have an insane sweet tooth. I have been baking since I was little. My grandmother taught me and passed on all of her “secret” recipes to me. I prefer baking over cooking. I’d like to think I can make almost everything. My most famous dessert is Eggless Cookie Dough. My friends and family keep pushing me to open a bakery and I would love to. I would also love to open a dance studio, you know since it’s a passion of mine. I am very independent with everything. When I can do it myself, I will. That’s just how I was raised. Rarely do we hire someone to fix something when it’s broke, we fix it ourselves. My mother and I love to DIY everything. Creating things is so much fun and there are endless possibilities.

If it’s not obvious, I enjoy writing. It’s something I have always been good at. I am that one in class that has “better” papers than my classmates. I definitely got that from my mother. And oddly enough I enjoy math, that came from my father. You probably are thinking “holy cow this girl has so many interests” and you’re right. I am that person who wants to do everything and do it now. I love my life and I’m so happy I get to share it with everyone through my blog and social media.

You can follow me on Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter and make sure you subscribe to get exclusive content.

Visit my blog, CCs Secret Blog by clicking here and let me know what you think? 

A huge thank you to Kelly for making this guest post possible. I really enjoyed writing this and I hope you all enjoyed it too! 🙂


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