Riverdale: A must-watch #ArchieComics show

Bonjour lovely readers 🙂 

Got anything juicy to share? Perhaps you writing something off the beaten track about an ex-lover or the worst place you have EVER travelled to? 

As mentioned back in my bucket list I have taken up writing prompts and second on the list: List your latest tv show addiction 


Riverdale is a beautifully crafted show with an incredible cast and talented crew and without straying off-topic and getting into the first episode, I suggest you watch the trailer and tell me that you won’t be interested from the pilot (YES, PILOT EP NOT PLOT EP) In a nutshell, it is a Gossip girl vibe kinda show that MILLIONS will end up loving as yours truly has. It has life lessons, entwined within each ep and sexy scenes with shirtless guys so really it is a win-win despite your age 🙂 

My sister, Lee-Ann, was hooked after 2 episodes and I cannot wait to see who else joins our #ARCHIECOMICSOBSESSION. I am #TEAMVERONICA! Who will you stand behind? 


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