4 playful games for your pooch

Playing games with your dog is really good for your relationship. Remember that while dogs are not humans they are social creatures and playing is an important element in developing social relationships. #AnimalsAreAmazing 

Are you looking for classic games to play with Rover or Max? Don’t worry here are 4 games to try out this weekend: 

Hide and Seek – This is the tried and tested (Sometimes difficult) game that really tests a dog’s memory and location skills. Start off by requesting him to sit or stay and find a hiding spot, when you are ready, simply call for Rover or Max and see how they do. Reward with a treat.


Put the Toys away – Start by having your dog pick up a toy near where they’re normally stored. Have your dog drop it while standing over the toy box. This might take a while for Rover or Max to pick up, but with patience and a lot of praise you’ll end up with a dog that can clean up after himself. 


Find the Treats – You can use bits of favorite treats for this game. Have him stay while you hide treats around the home. Watch as he tries to sniff out his food. Once your dog has gone a few rounds, you can make it more challenging by hiding treats in some tougher spots.


Tug of War – PLEASE READ THIS UNTIL THE END. With the amount of ropes and toys available that encourage tug of war, it’s not surprising that this a family fav game with their furry friends. But, it’s a game that brings out the predator in your dog and can be unhealthy for your relationship if you don’t have trust and respect from the beginning. 

Watch the video below on HOW NOT TO PLAY: 




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