Singles Day

Yip, raise your glasses my fellow single ladies and gents! 

Here are 5 easy and fun things to do to spoil yourself 

  1. Order in and watch a classic horror (I personally love this genre and can watch a zillion horrors despite the occasion) 

  2. Ice cream and chocolate party (Just a little extra motivation to indulge in delectable desserts) 

  3. Stalk your crush (Ok, maybe not stalk, but do chill out and watch some sexy 50 shades of Grey or Magic Mike XXL) Ladies, this point is for your eyes only! 

  4. Pamper yourself at a local spa shop or just run a bubble bath (I highly suggest the latter with a glass of sweet wine)

  5. Cuddle up to your pets (Don’t have any? Well, your loss – pets increase moods and you can read more by clicking here)

Sources: WebMD, Huffington Post 


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