Hi to all the beautiful beings 

I trust that your pre-valentines day weekend was spent well with your special someone? Today, I am happy to showcase a little Q and A with my favourite local lads, LOCNVILLE. I have a huge #CrushAlert on these super-talented twins that descend from the famous Charlie Chaplin! 


I do hope to meet them and have a little glass of wine and chat further with a video reply for my YouTube channel

Let’s jump in:

What is your favorite local restaurant and why?

Andrew: At the moment I’d have to say Black Horse Brewery. Great

setting and fantastic food and beer.

Brian: I like most of the places in Parkhurst because I’m a huge fan of boutique food and Craft Beer. Black Horse Brewery takes the prize for me because it’s far enough out of town to feel private and secluded. The food and view is amazing!

How would you describe your brother?

Andrew: He’s a no bullshit kind of guy who likes to get things done.

Brian: A very calm person with focused intention.

Please identify which brother is which?

Brian on LEFT, Andrew on RIGHT

The Delectable Duo, LOCNVILLE 🙂

In one word, describe yourself.

Andrew: Motivated.

Brian: Determined.

What advice would you give to the local and aspiring artists out there?

Andrew: Find your own thing and run with it.

Brian: I would say that you really need to find your own identity. It’s rather easy to make a song that sounds like a contemporary hit, but it will be short-lived if it sounds like other people. Once you have a unique identity, create a brand and you’re well on your way to success.

If you could choose a different era to live in, which would you choose?

Andrew: Maybe 20 years or so in the future so autonomous cars would just be a thing. Also, they reckon humans will have started to colonize Mars by then which is crazy.

Brian: The only other era I’d be interested in is the future. I want to be around when we make contact with other civilisations in the universe.

Please note: On my bucket list for 2017, is to meet these two musical gents and actually have a video and photo session. My heart will probably go into a state of shock, but hey at least I would have met my #LocvnilleLads. 

Further reading: 

I have a playlist on my cellphone that is titled LOCNVILLE LOVING and has 7 of my favourite tracks! Yip, I am a little obsessed.



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