The Graceful Garden: A start-up

A garden can be described as a fertile or delightful spot and how true that is. I live in a complex and upstairs so I do not have the luxury of a garden, but that has not stopped me from starting my own “garden” with a few pieces that I love admiring and watering twice a week. 

I have always loved flowers ever since I can remember and have had a few on my bedside table and in the lounge area. For my 24th birthday this year, my sister surprised me with a beautiful, vivid lavender orchid that I wake up to every morning. Its beautiful petals and glass vase is something that makes my heart and soul smile #MotherNatureLover 

Flowers have medicinal purposes, too

A super insightful article from Mother Earth News can be found by clicking here

A little in-depth article that tickles all the right places with fab facts about flowers 

My current garden start-up consists of 2 mini Succulents, 1 mixed yin yang Succulent bowl and my beautiful Orchid





















I would love to add to my collections by making my own pieces, I have so many ideas thanks to Pinterest (Yip, I live on Social Media and Pinterest is my fav) 

My Garden Goal would be something like the below image and one room full of flowers and the other succulents…


From calming orchids to cheer-me-up flower bouquets, there is definitely a go-to for any lady out there

Sources: Mother Earth News.com and Flower Web.com


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