Park Acoustics: A review 

Hello & a happy new week to you all.  
Spotlight on Pretoria and her little hidden outdoor splendour…

Once a month in beautiful Pretoria, there’s a festival that attracts hundreds of people – #ParkAcoustics 


It’s an outdoor local music & comedy festival that has gained popularity for a few years now. 

My first-ever real festival and although it turned out to be a great day, I won’t rush to go back. I’m not the type for festivals on a good day, so don’t hate me for this post. 

The music was a little too stale, I knew absolutely ZERO of the musicians or songs. I do take my hat off to the locals that were thoroughly enjoying the jams & rocking it out! 

The company was great. I was with my cousin, Janine and 3 of her friends & my good friend from High School, Kayla.

The drinks & DMCs were flowing and don’t forget the surplus of delectable eye-candy (Cue the sunnies so Kelly could enjoy the gents passing by) 

The food was average and limited to boerie rolls, pulled parked rolls & some other meat-related thingy mabob. 
The location was beautiful and the overlook of Pretoria is definitely a plus and adds to this review A LOT! #NATURELOVER

I will definitely give Park Acoustics a 6/10 but like mentioned before, it was not exactly my cuppa of musical tea and the location is a little bit too far… 

If you’re curious to find out more or to attend the next one, visit www.parkacoustics.co.za 


  1. R20 entrance fee (On top of  your ticket fee of R120)

  2. Own cooler box with plastic or tin beverages

  3. An umbrella or 2

  4. Blankets & chairs/pillows

  5. Sunblock

  6. Comfy shoes for a walk around the area

  7. DRAW money before hand as the ATM guy rips you off with a whopping 10% every time you draw money as NO CARD MACHINES are available at the festival 




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