January Reflection

Hi there

Welcome back to my blog, tell me – What article has been your fav for 2017 so far? Don’t forget that you can catch up on all the latest by scrolling down and reading the rest under “Blog” page (Click the menu and select Blog)

For the last 30 odd days, I have truly enjoyed writing about various topics and have seen a HUGE increase in my stats and I am so proud. I have been a WordPress blogger since 2015 and only now (After months and months) have I really made an effort to become known and connect with others.

Today, I share a January Reflection with you, the reader…

January was my birth month and difficult month for me to get back into the swing of things, I have over 10 articles that you can view by clicking on of the below topics (I have only listed the latest 4, but scroll through the list to view my other articles)

  1. Spotlight: The Secret Life of Pets 

  2. The Secret to Sexy Skin and Super Sleep 

  3. 9 Must-Have Beauty Tips…

  4. Bling My Belly


What blogging has made me realize is that no matter where you are and what job you are currently employed in, make time for your writing passion because people will always strive to read great content and great content is what separates the professional from the beginner… I currently co-manage a super useful and friendly (Updated daily, too) Facebook group called Blogger Tips. Head over by clicking here, trust me we are amazing #BraggingRights

As of Feb 2017, I want to become known in the profession of Paid Product Reviews, if you are already getting into this or been in this, please email me some tips and contacts – Mattheek63@gmail.com

That’s a wrap on the first chapter of 2017. It truly has been a goodie plus the best month of my entire life. Thank you for sharing the journey with me, beautiful beings

See you all next month for Chapter 2 of 12…






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