9 Must-have beauty tips you need today

We live in a World where looking your best (even on Sundays) is what womanhood is all about. Today, I share my beauty tips that are the easiest and trusted tips under the Tuscan sun. 

Some argue against facial massage, facial exercise and especially against dry-brushing, on the grounds that facial skin is extra-sensitive. A better way to state the truth: Facial skin is different. If you look under a microscope, you’ll see that the cells making up the top layer of the face are generally smaller than skin cells on the rest of the body.

Your skin is an organ—the biggest in your body. As an organ, the skin works—it does things. Your skin is both a barrier and a membrane. That is, it’s designed to let pass through what’s supposed to get in, and to block what shouldn’t. Smaller cells mean less of a barrier, less blockage. What are the practical implications of this?

Water is lost from the face more quickly than from elsewhere on your body. One consideration is that you need to take more care of your facial skin than the skin elsewhere on your body. Your face needs to be moisturized regularly.”


  1. Wear an SPF face cream every single day

  2. Get your beauty sleep (Ladies, you cannot understand how important this point is as from your mid-20s it’s all downhill – You have been warned) 

  3. Drink green tea 

  4. Drink 6 glasses of water, daily. 

  5. Mist your face – We have you covered so click here for more info and products

  6. Eat protein and ADDED BONUS: Move your body – A simple daily walk or skipping twice a week will aid in your overall beauty and fitness. WIN WIN #BODYREVAMP

  7. Do not overwash your hair, yes, you read this correct. Why? Well, a super useful article can be read by clicking here

  8. Remove your make-up every night after work or a night out (Yes, the most obvious but ladies tend to leave that pesky eyeliner or base on while they sleep – STOP THIS ASAP!)

  9. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! 


Don’t have enough time or money for facial cleansing masks and washes? Watch the video and see the results within a few days! You can thank me later. 


SOURCES: Beautifulonraw.com, Style Caster, YouTube and SHEamazing.com 


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