Bling my Belly

Good day to all the wonderful readers and bloggers. Happy new week to you and your loved ones! Can you believe that this is the last FULL week of Jan 2017? Wow, that is something else. As I am a versatile blogger I do enjoy the challenge of writing about every topic that jumps out at me. Earlier this month I wrote about my beautiful necklace collection and today I venture into the belly-ring collection. Enjoy the read and as always – Let’s connect? Email me: mattheek63@gmail 




  • The Dangles Collection

Ranging from silver, pink and green these are definitely a little difficult to look after as the pieces hook onto clothes, but look pretty and add a real elegant, soft touch to the overall look of the body. I have the following: An owl, butterfly, leaf, bow with pearls, lucky clover charm and an anchor in this beautiful collection. Minus the leaf belly-ring, the rest were ordered online (But, I do not recommend eBay to any SA shoppers as they are pathetic, slow and reply to you weeks later) I do not have a favourite as they are all stunning and I rotate to wear each piece as I see fit.

Kelly Matthee’s rating for the *Dangles collection: 9/10

  • The Gem Stone Collection

In this collection, I have the following: Champagne yellow (Definitely a top favourite), light pink, black, charcoal sparkle and as an added freebie I got a candy stripe piece. This is the easiest range for all ladies to wear as it is just a plain ball with a top gem stone setting. Various of colours, styles and sizes so get out there and get shopping! For the SA shoppers visit Forever Wild by clicking here 

Kelly Matthee’s rating for the **Gem Stone Collection: 8/10


Piercings have been widely popular for decades! However, did you know that the actual practice of the craft dates back to the early years of BC?

A little insight published on Painful Pleasures.com:

Navel piercing is a modern invention and has never been recorded in primitive cultures. However, the navel has long been recognized as an erogenous zone, because of the difference between men’s and women’s stomachs. Women’s stomachs differ from men’s in that they are more rounded in the lower part, are longer than men’s, have a greater distance between the navel and genitals, and are more deeply recessed than men’s. These features are often exaggerated by artists to make women appear more feminine in paintings.

The invention of the Bikini in 1953 caused a big stir because the navel was seen as being sexually provocative due to its similarity to the female genitals. The Bikini revolutionized women’s lives. Along with the liberation of their clothes, their lives in general became more liberated. The process was completed when Madonna started the craze for showing off the midriff in the 1980s. The ability to flaunt their sexuality in public gave women more power and confidence in themselves.

In September 1994, Suzy Menkes of the New York Times said, “It is easy to pinpoint the moment when body piercing went mainstream. Christy Turlington came out at a London Fashion show, and in the middle of her navel was a ring! The next day Naomi Campbell showed the world that anything Christy could do, so could she. A gold ring with a small pearl pierced her navel. And then at Isaac Mizrahi’s show the two came out together, navels bared and be-ringed: body piercing as a Supermodel totem.”

Naomi Campbell said, “I like it, I think it’s fun!” Christy Turlington was quoted as saying, “I always thought it was a pretty feminine thing to do – and you can always take it out.”

Years before Christy and Naomi’s fateful pierced-navel-baring runway walks, Madonna was quoted as saying, “I have the most perfect belly button – an inny. When I stick my finger in my belly button, I feel a nerve in the center of my body shoot up my spine” in a 1985 Time Magazine interview. So it was no surprise when Madonna got her navel pierced shortly after Naomi and Christy, followed closely by Cher and Janet Jackson. Now anybody can joins the ranks of celebrities and supermodels and have their belly buttons pierced, too–and so many have in the years since!”

If you are interested in taking the leap and joining the #BODYBLINGCREW then what you need to consider is the following: 

  1. It does not matter if you have an innie or outie (I have an outie and still managed to get my belly-ring done) 

  2. Each person’s pain threshold is different BUT it is not that sore (a slight pinch or like having your ears pierced) Relax your body and look away is the best thing to do when you go get your first bellyring pierced!

  3. Do proper research and contact the shop BEFORE hand and get all the relevant prices, gems and reassurance.

  4. Once you get it done, be sure to clean it for 2 weeks with warm salt (coarse not table) water using an earbud. After 4 weeks or so, you can change it and have fun with your new rings!

  5. Looking forward to you posting about your new body bling adventure! HAPPY SHOPPING, BEAUTIFUL BEINGS 🙂 

Current collection total: 11 beautiful belly-rings

Sources: Kelly Matthee, Forever Wild Piercings, Painful Pleasures





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