Oh my SEO..

Hi there 🙂 
Just sharing some fabulous news: I have completed an SEO/ Blog content course & finishing up my final assignment soon. This will be added to my diploma showcase and a total of 4*


I studied online through Shaw academy and wow what an amazing course. It’s 4 weeks consisting of 8 lessons plus 4 quizzes and a final assignment (Hoping to complete within the next week) 

I knew 60% of the material as I have work experience in Digital Journalism & Social Media but I truly gained so much within the remaining 40% of the SEO/BLOG CONTENT COURSE.

The top favorite lessons I will remember are: Introduction to blogging, Vlogging, SEO basics/Importance & How to monetise your blog. 

There are over 9-course categories to choose from and your first 30 days are free (Finish your desired course under 4 weeks and only pay a nominal fee for final assignment & diploma) 













Kelly Matthee’s rating: 8/10 

Note: The second image is not my workspace, but purely for visual aid purposes.



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