4 Make-Up tips for the newbies….

Hi, readers 🙂 

How was your first full weekend of 2017? As we kick off a new month, I am happy to present a guest blogger (and my lovely boss) who shares her wonderful insight on make-up that focuses on helping out the newbies. 

Enjoy the read!



So, you just got into makeup, yay! Good for you!

But now you’re stuck; which foundation do you use? How do you choose a colour palette? There’s so much variety that it causes your head to spin.

To help you, here are four quick tips for newbie makeup lovers:

Tip #1 Watch YouTube Tutorials

Most of the makeup tricks I have learned have come from watching YouTube videos. YouTube has become such a great platform for anybody to share their knowledge, experiences and hacks, therefore, it will benefit you to get comfortable with using it.

The first thing you want to do is find a YouTuber with the same skin tone as you. If you’re a dark-skinned girl, a simple search for “makeup tutorials for dark skinned women” will bring up a wealth of information. To take it even further, you can search “makeup tutorials for beginners, dark-skinned.”

Tip #2 Get Samples First

Some people are allergic to certain makeup products and as a newbie makeup lover, you want to test things out first. If you go to any beauty counter, they usually provide samples and testers for you to try out. Take them and test them for about a week before purchasing.

Tip #3 Get A Full Face Done

Again, you’re new to this and don’t know what will work for your face. Beauty and makeup stores tend to have Consultants who do your makeup for free with their products in the hope that you will purchase. Head over to a few counters, get your makeup done, take the samples and purchase from the one you think looked the best.

Tip #4 Start Slowly

When I started applying makeup it was foundation and mascara only, and then I would slowly add a new skill every few months. I do this because it can be overwhelming to try to master everything all at once.

My advice to you is to:

  1. Start with foundation, mascara and lipstick

  2. Then try your eyebrows, eyeliner and blush

  3. Go into the heavy stuff such as contour, bronzing and baking

Those are the four tips I have for you today! Short and sweet! For more makeup tips, you can head over to the beauty section on my blog http://healthyliving894.com/category/beauty/

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