Beautiful Ballito

Happy new week! Today, I take you on a virtual tour from my recent 9-day getaway to Ballito. Now, for those who do not know where this coastal place is located then click here

Some interesting health benefits listed by Sun International 

During my stay with family friends who have lived here for several years now, I never had a dull day. Despite the weather acting up I still managed to enjoy my time away. From dog-sitting 5 (very active) dogs to chasing monkeys away from the house and reading a new novel – Landline by Rainbow Rowell. 

A trip to The Christmas Fair Fund was definitely a bonus although a bit of a drive but not too bad. There were great outdoor stalls ranging from clothing, foods, beauty products and more! I highly recommend a trip to this fair for anyone down in Ballito next year (November) Check out their Facebook page: @ChristmasFairFund

Yoga was fun, too! We had a lovely morning even though I was a little out of sync and my body hated me for a few hours!

With a three minute walk to the local beach, how could anyone dislike Ballito? 

Well, enough chit chat. Enjoy the gallery!

Ballito Time – Window Seat!
The view from my room – Look at that ocean!
Starting off a Monday (31 October) with a tan session 🙂


Selfie time with Zigs 🙂 
Garden Hammock – Not the easiest to get into but still an adventure 🙂




The “reception” area at the Christmas Fair
Flower bouquet at the “reception” area


Stunning sunrise (Thursday, 3 November) Took this photo from my room at 5 a.m 🙂
Cheers to my full day of sunshine even though it was my last. Thanks, Mother Nature – You are a bitch 🙂 (3 November)
Look at me go!
Aunty Luci and Zigs on our walk/jog on the promenade
Yoga session at Sugar Rush Park


                Sources: Google Maps, Sun International


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