The Real World

Hello to you, the reader. If you have read my blog I thank you for your time. To the newbies, welcome – I hope something speaks to you, to your soul and to your mind.

Ok, let’s just address the elephant in the room – I haven’t blogged in MONTHS! I have been so overwhelmed in my day job that I reach a new level of exhaustion at the end of the day, week and month (Please note: I do appreciate being able to gain experience within my current career)

People tend to live in boring life bubbles so miserable with life and for what? Just to push through each week, month, year? SERIOUSLY :/

During the months of 2016 I have gone through every single damn emotion under the sun ranging from heartbreak, fear, exhaustion, happiness, excitement, and disappointment – Have you ever felt so many emotions in a short period of time?

I often get told that life is hard and that you need to stick it out and see if it will get better, but I’m not like that I prefer to “break the bone to mend the bone” Life is not meant to be lived for others, it is meant to be lived for yourself and at the tender age of 23, I have realised this a bit too late… 180 degrees here I come! 🙂 


Dreams have the ability to change the future and it is time to do a complete 180…

Who knows where I will be in 2017?

Working within the journalism industry has been interesting yet challenging but definitely not where I see myself in the near future. I choose to be happy and if that is somewhere else then I accept that. I know my limits and I am a realist (to a point) who sees things from the get-go can you relate to this?

Success stories from friends who have made a HUGE turnover:

  • Danielle is now teaching English in China
  • Iain is off to cruise the world as a photographer
  • Richard loves the ship life
  • Andre taught overseas but chose a different course earlier this year
  • Bruno has his own cross-fit gym


Only open-minded and driven people have the guts (and apparently the cash) to do what they want. We are meant to LIVE A HAPPY LIFE THE WAY WE WANT TO LIVE IT! *DROPS THE MIC



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