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Social media has made both personal and professional lives better over the last decade, but it can land you in hot water if you abuse it in the workplace environment.  

So, are workers abusing the privilege of having access to their accounts at work?

Are you one those people?

Jobsite UK states the following from Philip Landau “You may have read about the general issue before – how posting work-related comments can get you into trouble” This can cost you your job and have severe negative effects on the progress of you career.

A formal employee at a telecoms company in the UK made frequent comments to the workplace as “Dante’s Inferno” This gentleman was given warnings but chose to carry on posting on his Facebook page about not liking the people or his job at the company. Eventually, this did lead to his dismal which was ruled as fair. 

 Even if you have no online contact with your company, each account is well monitored and fellow employees can report you if need be.

Another case was reported from the USA. In 2011, a former teacher Natalie Munroe was suspended from her job as she constantly posted abusive comments about her students on her personal blog. It was later reported that she used the school’s network and computer to run her site. Ironically, Natalie Munroe taught her students to not post abusive comments or misuse social media. She was interviewed on Fox News. 

There are laws in regards to the workplace and social media. People need to realise that whatever they post is always monitored. Once your workplace comments are posted on any social media account, they transcend the cloak of privacy regardless of your personal settings and therefore do become public.

So, watch what you post!

Facebook’s Rights and Responsibilities clearly state under the safety section:

 6 – You will not bully, harass or intimidate any user.

9 – You will not use Facebook to do anything unlawful, misleading, malicious or discriminatory.

Twitter states that if you make any defamatory or slander allegations, you can be sued.

All social media accounts do have a terms and conditions section that you read before creating any accounts – You are responsible for all your online content.

Your online activities can affect those around you so be careful of what you post – Even if you don’t see anything wrong with your content others will.

Sources: The Employer Handbook.com and JobsiteUK.co.uk


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