Floral Fantasy 

Beautiful, vivid, and relaxing to look at that has captivated humans since the dinosaur era – Flowers.

A freshwater plant from Spain was identified as the world’s oldest known flowering plant.

The plant Montsechia vidalii, described in the latest issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, has been dated to 130 million years ago. It resembled a water lily.

Flowers have multipurpose uses that are incredibly insightful (Besides looking great as a table piece or at weddings)

Research conducted at Rutgers University in New Jersey, USA said that the following triggers happy emotions in people.  

  1. Flowers create intimacy
  2. Flowers make you happier for longer
  3. Flowers change moods instantly


“Flowers bring about positive and emotional feelings in those who enter a room” Doctor Jeannette Haviland-Jones explained.

Why are plants green?

Due to photosynthesis plants get their green colouring when the sun strikes the cells (chloroplasts) and combines with CO2 and in the end, the food allows energy to grow within the plant. Thus, flowers are produced.


Netflorist added some amazing and eye-opening benefits of flower therapy

  1. You love more.
  2. You become a happier person.
  3. Flowers are energy boosters.
  4. Some plants purify the air and immune systems during Winter.
  5. Flowers can increase brain function.
  6. Flowers decrease anxiety, stress and worry.
  7. Plants and flowers promote ideas in the workplace.


“Research shows that adding flowers and plants can be important in the business sector. People’s productivity improved in the workplace” adds Doctor Roger Ulrich.

 With flowers having some great health benefits, what are you waiting for? Get to the florist!



The following are the best indoor plants to have and range from easy to moderate care. Please, do your homework before purchasing any flowers. Refer to care guide on the flower packaging.




A brightly coloured flower that has an easy care rating.





Huge colourful flowers that don’t tend to last too long, but look great indoors. This flower has a moderate care rating




A fragrant lightly coloured flower that adds an elegant touch to any room. This flower has a moderate care rating.




Tall and lightly coloured flower that adds a finishing touch to your home, it requires plant food spray. This flower has a moderate care rating.



Peace Lily

An air purifying flower that has light colourings. Toxic to pets and small kids. This flower has an easy care rating.




Fascinating Flower Facts

  1. Moon flowers bloom at night (Obviously)


  1. Sunflowers shift their positions in response to the sunlight from East to West.


  1. In 1600 Holland, the tulip bulbs were highly valuable.


  1. Lady’s Mantle was thought to have healing abilities.


  1. Edible flowers: Calendulas (Petals are used in soups and spreads) Dandelions (Added into salads for extra taste) Jasmine (Used for scenting teas) Please, do your research if you are a newbie to this.


  1. The largest flower is a corpse flower. It smells of rotting meat. It grows in the tropics of Asia.


Birthday Flowers to send to a friend or relative: Pink roses, gerberas and lilies work well for this occasion.

 Congrats Flowers to send: Orange roses, mixed bouquet of flowers,and a mixed daisies arrangement works, too.

 Thank you Flowers to send: Mixed roses and daffodil pots.

 Condolence Flowers to send: Lightly coloured orchids, white roses and vase or table arrangements work, too.

 Get well Flowers to send: Yellow roses, sunlight (colourful) arrangements work, too. Daisies can be sent as well.

 Flowers will continue to attract humans for decades to come. And who can resist its beauty, gesture and health benefits?  


Sources: Netflorist, Gardening Channel and Today.com


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