Damaged Goods



Hi, beautiful beings. This next article is something that affects those who go through all kinds of abuse – emotional, physical and verbal.


If you take a look at any family, look a little closer, you’ll easily spot a few of those “damaged goods” people. These people are those who know how to handle all kinds of domestic situations, they are strong throughout, but once the cup overflows – Be careful!

Once the dragon has been released, the aftermath is never pretty.

So, is there an actual scientific reason as to why some people (Let’s call them scraps?) go all out to destroy those around them?


Mental illness can be the key factor in everyday domestic situations and it is important for you and relatives to know about them and spot them with the scraps in your family.

WebMD and Wikipedia defined the following:


  1. Bipolar – A disorder that can be explained as having extremely high mood levels and suddenly dropping to extremely low levels within a few seconds! Patterns include: Irregular sleep cycles and odd episodes around people.


  1. Schizophrenia – A disorder that can be explained as a person’s feelings and behaviour are severely affected by their own doing. Split-personality can form and be present throughout their odd episodes.

These two disorders are classified under the psychotic section and are not to be laughed at. People can do serious harm to their loved ones, please be vigilant with these types of mental disorders. Often these scraps won’t accept their illness, consult a doctor and seek help. ASAP! Don’t let one bad apple ruin the whole bunch….


Dealing with emotional and verbal abuse is something I know way too well. How did I overcome this?

Well, ignoring the scrap tended to be a good go-to move, but sometimes ignoring a person makes them lash out even more. Another useful move I learnt was to keep to myself, stay out of the danger zone and make minimal connect with this person. Engaging in yoga, going out and about and even spending time with other family members.

At the end of the day, you need to stand your ground. Yes, even if it is your own scrap of a mother (or father)


Families are meant to be close, to be connected and support one another and when one or two members upset the balance, things go awry.


Luckily for me, I have a beautiful, loving and tough family who have become my anchors. A little communication can make all the difference in the world!


A life lesson most people will learn – Leopards never change their spots, do not give more than three chances for this type of person. They will disappoint you EVERY SINGLE TIME. Live your life the drama-free way! Trust me, it feels amazing knowing once you are completely done with scraps, you can breathe again.


Thanks for reading this, it is a very intense topic that I know way too well.



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