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Wishing everyone a blessed, drama-free week ahead, may you slay all the dragons, too! I have second guest post (Of sorts)

Music has transformed lives for as long as man can remember. The origin of music is difficult to date, but records do show of dates between 30 000 and 60 000 years ago. Wow, crazy times huh?

Scientists believe that a musical culture of sorts would have helped prehistoric man to survive. Why?

 Well, because music does co-ordinate emotions, helps with memory and connects people.

As I am writing this beautiful piece on music, I am listening to my go-to piano music. Such a stunning instrument.

 I interviewed a local DJ who has been on the market for a few years now. Enjoy the read and as always – Let me know what you think.



Quick Facts:


Name: Warric Dyers

 Occupation: Producer/DJ/ Live Performer/Business Owner

 Birth Date: 7 November 1991

 Place of Birth: Johannesburg, South Africa

 Stage name: Wox.


Best Known For

Warric Dyers, better known as Wox, is a South African DJ/music producer and music lover.

His twist on electric deep/soulful house has earned him his signature sound in a competitive field.

Warric is also a business owner and entrepreneur.


Warric 4




Wox was first put on the world music map with his Debut E.P (Sing To Me/Circles), which released on a Canadian Record Label (Restricted Recordings) in December 2012. Since then, Wox has had a further 12 more releases with 6 different labels spanning 3 continents. As of September 2014, Wox signed with Baroka World Music.


Warric also owns and runs his own business. Watney Designs is the Brand name and is a company focusing on the manufacturing of trendy furniture and decor out of recycled materials like secondhand building material and reclaimed pallets.



Music Career

At 14, Wox made up his mind about what he wanted to become. Wow, I wish I had my career goals sorted at that age.

After being inspired by local DJs in the country, he started learning his trade by playing vinyls at home.

A year later, Warric was offered the opportunity to play at his first club. His opening performance reassured him of his career-to-be, his calling. Being a talented and competitive sportsman in school, Warric had this desire to better his skills in the studio by teaching himself new music tricks.


Played alongside DJ Fresh and Euphonic and at high school parties and social events, too.

 In 2009, Warric finished high school. He also played at H20 for the next 2 years. Fan base grew rapidly, too.

In 2011, he moved to Texas and had to adapt quickly to new genres of music. He made waves and quickly become known for his musical gifts. Was presented with a deal to produce his debut singles – Sing to me and Circles.

This was the beginning of his career!


*Cue the fireworks


Warric then made a tough decision to move back to SA despite his potential in the States. Warric’s fan base reached 50 countries over 5 continents, but SA had the largest…


With good looks and a talent to match, this local lad is definitely making headlines.


Warric 5



Releases. (ITunes, Beatport, Etc.)


  • 12 Releases
  • Debut release (2012)
  • Most recent (June 2014)




  • Restricted Recordings (Canada)
  • Chameleon Muzik (U.K)
  • Just Move Records (S.A)
  • Flexual Records (S.A)
  • Intensive Music Records (Spain)
  • We Go Deep (S.A)



Social Media


Facebook: Wox.SA


SoundCloud: Wox.


Twitter: @Dj_Wox


Email: djwoxbookings@gmail.com


Cell: +2784 3927 742




  1. Wox performed at Roxy’s Nightclub, Joburg, SA


Warric 1



  1. Wox performed at H20, Boksburg, SA


Warric 2


  1. Wox performed at Gridiron, Texas, USA


Warric 3


Sources: Warric Dyers, Ancient-Origins.net


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