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Hello, beautiful beings 🙂 I have started to dabble in the “Guest posts” section. 

First up we have a beautiful and to-the-point article that most ladies can relate to – Make-up.




Enjoy the read and spread the love!

A Modern Woman’s Guide to Make-Up by Jacqueline Pearce


Make-up has evolved over the years. I believe that make-up was used to accentuate a woman’s beauty to attract men, but now it has done a complete 180! Now, make-up is a woman’s world.

After all – I haven’t converted the spare bedroom into a makeup room to impress my husband, and I certainly don’t spend 30 minutes perfecting my eyebrows for my husband’s appreciation! No! It’s all for me and for the makeup cult following women of the world.



For myself there is nothing more soothing or therapeutic than going into my makeup room, closing the door and spending quality one on one time with myself and my makeup! It’s an excitement everyday choosing what look to create, or how I am going to mould my mood and emotions onto my face for that day. Makeup also allows me to portray how I feel about a situation or environment without having to verbally express myself, which for some women is difficult to do.

Makeup receives such a bad rap for creating “false” woman, but how can your own self-expression be false?

Makeup dates back decades. Records show that cosmetics were used in Ancient Egypt in the 10 000 BCE era! 


Make-up is a woman’s indulgence and prerogative.


Here are a few key basics for every newbie (or make-up veteran) :

  1. Skin care: Jackie suggests Neutrogena (Make sure to research your skin type before purchasing products)

Neutrogena 1Neutrogena 2Neutrogena 3


2. Eye brows: Keep them well maintained and ensure you know how to fill them in.

Pencils, tints or dips can be used. She uses Chi Chi  Pomade and loves it. A LOT!

Eye brows 1 Eye brows 2


Don’t forget foundation – No one looks good with a vanilla face and sand beige body. Ok girls?

For the beautiful ladies out there – I hope this has guided you to perfect the basics and have a beautiful canvas every time you leave the house.

About the Author 




Jacqueline Pearce is a mom and wife. She lives in picturesque New Zealand with her husband, Jade, and their adorable little boy, Zachary, who is 3. She works part-time.


Her first passion is her son.

Another passion would be make-up. Every girl needs to look and feel fab! 


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