Movie House

The eager patrons start filling up the seats, whispers about what is yet to come excites the air.

The dimming of lights as the screen lights up and sets the pace… Lights, camera action!





A pastime that dates back decades – movies.

When I was a kid, going to the movies with family and friends was the best activity, ever. However, in today’s times – a pastime that has faded away.


Movie giants like Ster-Kinekor now charge a whopping fee of R66 per person per movie. Yes, R66!

Adding in movie snacks of about R50+ per person. A total of R116 (minimum). A once favourite pastime has become an expensive one. Don’t you think? Back in the good old days a ticket barely costed R50 (This use to include a ticket and movie snacks).

 What happened to those days?


The comfort level of a movie house experience is quite fantastic with the plush seats and fancy snack and juice holder. But, with this comfort level comes a disappointing downfall – legroom. Just like a plane, the movie house seat lacks comfortable leg room and with such expenses paid by a patron, why not improve on this dilemma? After all, the main purpose of a movie giant such as SK is to provide a great movie experience every time for every viewer.


Types of movie goers

These people definitely need to be called out…

  1. The Loud Chewer

This individual thrives on chewing so loud you barely hear any action scenes! Seriously, what is wrong with you?


    2.  The Comedian

Proceeds to joke around until it goes too far. Yip, we have all experienced this type of movie goer.

  1. The Seat Kicker

Constantly kicks the chair throughout the movie. PLEASE JUST STOP!


  1. The Texter

So, after paying so much for a ticket, this individual texts away and does not even realise how distracting the light is for others.


  1. The Lovers

We all know these people, easily spotted with a jersey draped across their laps (we all know what you’re doing) and making out every 5 minutes. Seriously, just leave!






Over the years, people have found and enjoyed alternative movie viewing platforms. Netflix and DStv Box Office are the latest go-to source for movie lovers.


After all, nothing beats staying in, prepping movie snacks and getting snug under a blanket waiting to watch a movie of your choice in the comfort of your own home.

Added bonus: This won’t cost you a fortune.


Perhaps, prices will eventually drop and the classic movie experience will soar once again?

But, that is yet to be decided.


Overall rating: 7/10.



Sources: Lee-Ann Matthee, Ster Kinekor (Google Images)




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