Metal Mouth

Greetings to you. Thanks for taking the time to read my latest article. This is a very intimate topic for me and I am sure most people can relate to it. After all, we all want to look good. Enjoy the read!

We live in a world where we strive for good looks. Surgery, fitness programs and a good diet, too.

Ever since I was a little kid I had ugly teeth. I always kept to myself and had very limited social interaction just to avoid the looks and comments even though people tended to be nice, I could tell what they were thinking…

Growing up was a challenge without the burden of an ugly mouth. And in school, kids were cruel – a life lesson we all go through (Unless you enjoyed being a lowlife bully and relished in bringing others down?)

Hitting high school was a daunting task for me. I was one of those quiet types who envied those with such nice teeth. What is it that attracts a person to a nice mouth? Besides eyes, a nice mouth tends to be one of the first things people look at when engaging in a conversation with you.

It never bothered me that much that I was an average girl with ugly teeth, but once I graduated high school (2011) I started to feel uglier and uglier…


 Adults make up 40% of the orthodontics sector. Let that just sink in…

In January 2016, everything started to change. I jumped on the bandwagon.

I went for my appointment and within an hour I had braces. I was beyond thrilled.


I become an adult with braces. #MetalMouth

Braces 3

A brand new exciting chapter had begun… With my handy braces guide-book and new mouth, I was ready for the challenge.

For the next week and a bit, I could not eat ANY solid food, let’s just say I missed food SO MUCH after the second day 😦














Basically, anything yummy and hard you are not allowed to eat. A sacrifice I am half happy I made.


People asked if it hurt to get braces honestly, it did not. The real pain started that night – trying to sleep with braces was terribly uncomfy and after 2 weeks it became the norm and I managed just fine.

The real blessing with braces has to be losing weight. In 2 months I lost 2 kgs. Yes, I am already a petite lady, but not the desired figure I want to be.


So, with a new attitude and a long, but exciting journey ahead for a nice mouth, I am ready! Despite all the delicious foods I cannot indulge in until such time of my braces being removed fingers crossed that by 2017, I can have a somewhat nice mouth and strut my stuff.


And as the saying goes “Better late than never”



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