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Hello, beautiful beings. I hope everyone is doing well and keeping outta trouble 🙂 

Recently, this blog has undergone some surgery and is now better and user-friendly for your reading experience. You live in a world where labels tend to mislead one another, but I have a close connection to being an n introvert and thought sharing this would help so many others out there. Enjoy the read and have a blessed day/night.

Have you ever heard of an introvert, but weren’t too sure what they are? The word introvert can be misleading and does have negative connotations and in today’s society clarity is a way of life.





What is an Introvert?

  • A person who is energised by spending time alone often found in their natural habitat such as libraries, parks, being at home, or other secluded places. An introvert is not a loner, they just enjoy solo recharge times!


However, contrary to popular belief introverts are NOT SHY and tend to have great social lives and like being in small groups of people. After such time, recharging time is more of an internal thing – Hence the introvert element.

Traits of an Introvert

  • Do you feel exhausted after a night out with a bunch of people? Being around groups of people really drains your energy and you need to dash to your go-to place to recharge
  • You enjoy solitude 
  • Reserved, mellow and down-to-earth


Researchers have found that introverts tend to be more easily distracted in busy environments and this is why they prefer quieter environments to work and enjoy leisure time.


What are the benefits?

  • The ability to listen. Introverts are World-class listeners.
  • Better communication with people on a more in-depth level.
  • Thoughtful people who care about their close circle of friends and family members. The common phrase “It’s the thought that counts” is linked with introversion.

Is there a spirit animal linked to introverts?

Observation, alone time, trust, loyality and interruption are the best ways to describe the spirit animal. A beautiful, quiet and independent animal that has great intellect – The feline.


One downside to the above traits would be the interruption element. Introverts have a pet peeve about being interrupted, be it in the work place or personal space. Once we are in our own comfort zone, do not approach until you are given the green light! You have been warned…



The Influential Introverts List


Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Courtney Cox, Emma Watson and JK Rowling are some of the top influential introverts out there and clearly have mastered their label and became successful, word-leading individuals.


Further Reading

 Think you might be an introvert? Take these tests to find out! –






Sources: Quora, WordPress, About Health, Quiet Revolution and LonerWolf




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Introvert Quotes




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