Enticing Eyes

One of the most intriguing and attractive features that most people seem to be compelled by – the eyes.


Those beautiful organs on a person’s face that lures you in…

So, what is it with the eyes that makes you feel so comfortable with a person? Well, let’s take a closer look.

Georg Pheiffer, a Boksburg-based optometrist shared his insightful feedback.


‘People read eyes when talking to each other. An attraction that is dubbed Windows to the soul as eyesight is a primary sense’

Eyes are illuminated by eyewear which allows even more of an attraction to seep through. People tend to relax more with those who have a calming nature and the eyes can play an important role.


Eye colour groups and personality traits


Blue Eyes

A study conducted via The University of Copenhagen concluded that people with blue eyes all share a common ancestor who lived around 6 000 – 10 000 years ago.


  • Extroverts who are smart and love being people-pleasers.


Brown Eyes

Over 50% of the World’s population have brown eyes. There are a few colour variations.


  • Polite people who are confident and have a happy-go-lucky attitude.


Green Eyes

Only 2% of the World’s population have green eyes. Wow, those people are super rare and lucky!


  • Attractive people who are full of life with a curious nature.


Hazel Eyes

Only around 5-8% of the World’s population have hazel eyes. A very misunderstood colour variation that is based on the Rayleigh scattering (A presentation of how much light scatters over an object after it has ridden its spectrum wavelength – see graph.)


2016-02-04 17.11.32



  • Brave, short-tempered people who despise drama and can be adventurous.

With top traits for each colour group, which one do you fall under?


Eyesight Fun Facts

  1. Eyes are the fastest muscles in the body. So, hence the saying in a blink of an eye.


  1. Eye colour is determined by the amount of melanin (pigmentation) in the iris as well as genetics from your family tree.


  1. Colour blindness is higher in men than women.


  1. 80% of memories are determined by what you have seen.


  1. You tend to blink a lot more when engaging in a conversation.


  1. People blink on an average 14 280 times per day.


  1. A blink lasts about 150 milliseconds.


  1. Heterochromia – A condition when a person is born with two different eye colours. This is my favourite fun fact, EVER!


  1. Ommetaphobia – Fear of eyes.


  1. Women blink more than men.


And with such interesting facts, you can definitely walk away with learning about something new today.

 Eye 2

Eye 1



Sources:   Georg Pheiffer – Boksburg Optometrist





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