The Sexy Side Of The Supernatural

Do you have an attraction towards the supernatural side of life? Do you find yourself binge reading and binge watching all things supernatural?


I must admit ever since my high school days (a few years back) I have developed quite an interest in the supernatural side of things. Vampires, werewolves and witches are definitely at the top of my list. Writers do seem to attract its readers into their worlds with captivating characters have a way of enticing readers and leaving them wanting more.

Intrigued? I recommend you read novels by these beautiful writers – Laurell K Hamilton, Alyxandra Harvey, Kelley Armstrong and Sherrilyn Kenyon.


For e.g.:

The vampire diaries is the best supernatural show. EVER. I think I can speak for most fans when I say that those Salvatore brothers are delectable! Yes, I know I can get a bit zealous when it comes to tv shows and its audience, but who wouldn’t want a sexy vampire lover with incredible strength and who never ages? Who doesn’t enjoy a little neck nibbling, too? SIGN ME UP! The sun is the vampire’s top weakness (If we can call it that?)


Cue the drooling fans…


Moving along to a tv series that has regained my interest with its unique world – Bitten.

The cast of good-looking and talented people sure know how to attract an audience with its werewolves! With super heightened senses, this would be an amazing benefit in my life. How about yours? The moon is the werewolf’s top weakness (If we can call it that?)


Witches have a different kind of attraction as in some folklores they depicted as evil and in others they are the good guys. But, with control of the elements I am definitely on board with the witches (minus the broom and green faces)

After all, when it is a full moon we need to be careful with the creatures of the night lurking nearby…

Check out these links for additional reading: http://thefw.com/10-things-about-vampires/





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