Travel – She is a tease…

Hello, beautiful readers.

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying life. I must say that if my circumstances were different I would love to travel. But, life has other plans and I need to live on Earth, not in the clouds.

I watched the beautiful and emotional movie based on the brilliant mastermind Stephen Hawking – The Theory of Everything.

Bucket list: Things to do before you die/ before you kick the bucket.

Would it not be an amazing and exciting feeling to just jot down 5 top bucket list ideas and then actually accomplish them? I honestly have a simple list. My top 5 include

  • Shark Cage Diving
  • Volunteering Work (Endangered & Exotic Animals)
  • Explore Cape Town
  • See the Northern Lights, Travel the Globe


Although I am not a people-person, meeting new and foreign faces and exploring different cities would be a huge benefit for my journalism career-to-be, and, of course my sanity. As a 22-year-old the need to spread my wings and leave the nest is getting more and more serious. Perhaps, one day some day? Sugar daddies apply within.

Haha, feeling very sorry for myself, but it’s only me that can actually take the leap and get out there.


Reading the Travel Weekly in the Sunday Times Lifestyle section, I am always so envious of those lucky fish who get to hop on a plane and travel be it for work or leisure. The amazing sites, delicious foods and interesting people sure do lure a person in… Wow, Mother Earth is seductive!

So, what’s on your bucket list?

Check out the link as to why it is important to travel… http://greenhearttravel.org/travel-resources/6-reasons-why-traveling-abroad-is-important-for-young-people


Check out the link as to why bucket lists are good for you…


Travel 2 Travel 1

Travel 3Travel 4


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