The Crazy Cycle of Love

Hello, my beautiful readers.

I’m back online after a 2-month hiatus. I have decided to finally post an article that is bound to really get the mind stirring.. Enjoy it!

Relationship: A loving and sexual association between two people – An official Oxford dictionary entry.


We often dream of the “perfect” relationship when we young and innocent. Yet, as we grow older and become a tad bit corrupt and more experienced we learn that the “perfect” relationship is non-existent! We all have our flaws and pet peeves. Let’s take a moment to acknowledge that we all human and temptation is always surrounding us.


In my high school years, I had a roller coaster of an adventure to last a lifetime. Making friends and meeting gorgeous guys was a thrilling adventure for me, the house parties and outings were something we loved to do on a regular weekend basis.


For identity purposes, the name of the one guy who really messed me up will remain anonymous and we shall call him “Fair-weathered friend”.

So, fair-weathered friend was such a dream come true (For the ignorant and innocent Kelly at the time) We really hit if off from the get go, casual little chats during break times and weekend hang outs/dinner dates. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever and I ended up heartbroken and raw. Most high school relationships tested me in a big way. I really did not enjoy being so open and committed to one person, for him to just hurt and use me a few months down the line. Yes, I know I am generalising, but I have seen a lot of relationships end up the same way. As Sheryl Crow sings it “The First Cut Is The Deepest”

When the alarm bell rings – Take immediate action

 So, why do people cheat? I honestly cannot understand it; if you are unhappy or bored then do yourself and your partner a favour and just end things and walk away… Cheating is so disgusting and unnecessary. I watched a movie called “The Loft” and the one quote that stood out is “We all men, we all a little like that.” Let’s take a moment to process that…


Statistics taken from a 2013 survey from South Africa shows that 62% of males cheat and 38% of females cheat on their special someone. It is also shown that men cheat more often than women; ladies brace yourselves. Private investigation companies must have one of the most challenging and intriguing professions of all time. For those guilty readers out there, be careful because someone will always find out your dirty little secret…


Relationships can be a wonderful connection, too. Please don’t get me wrong; we all need companionship. Human needs are vital and love is definitely on top of the list.


What type of relationship are you?

1) Co-dependent

2) Independent

3) Dominating

4) Open

5) Rebound

6) Toxic/abusive

7) Temporary

8) Basically Friends

9) Purely Sexual

10) Long Distance

Are humans meant to be so monogamous? Are generations of decent men and ladies declining all because they love to explore new people? 

 Hearts  Cheating 


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