We are the Weather

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Do you constantly check weather forecasts every day? Do you always match your work or school outfit according to the weather? Well, I can assure you that millions are with you on that one.


I absolutely love the weather, ever-changing on a daily basis. Be it in Summer, Spring, Autumn or Winter. Weather is wonderful!


The Sun is one beautiful yet deadly sphere of Life. A fun fact: The Sun at her core is 15 million degrees celsius. Wow, she is hot hot hot! 

Is it not ironic how in Winter we dread the cold and want the Summer to arrive and then complain when it’s simply too hot to even breathe properly? Oh my, we are the strangest and pickiest species ever! I believe that weather has an amazing benefit of bringing friends and families together. On hot sunny days, weekends by the pool with good music and food cooking away. During the cold, breezy days it can engage a movies marathon with delicious hot chocolate and layers of blankets. Yes, each season definitely has its own captivating aroma. 

Birds have this gift (If we can call it that) and know when rain is on its way. If you pay close attention you will see that birds flying above at low ranges signals that something is coming. Birds have a built-in barometer!  I find this absolutely amazing and enjoy observing this fantastic set-up. Thank-you, beautiful birds!

I find Geography a fascinating and complex subject from climate and weather to earthquakes and volcanoes. Mother Nature is amazingly scary, do not mess with her! Climate change has seen some catastrophic and heartbreaking events around the globe, constant weather patterns going off the charts is really a scary thing when we (Yes, we mere mortals) are to blame for the way we are affecting weather of today. In the next 50 to 100 years, we will not be so lucky with the weather we are experiencing today. Think about you carbon footprint, it matters in more ways than you can possibly fathom and will continue to impact the Earth if nothing gets done to change the severe effects…


Scary how we mere mortals have no real protection once anything major and tragic occurs… BRACE FOR IMPACT! Let’s take a moment to appreciate that Mother Nature does not need people, we need her. The Sun provides for life and can take life just as quickly…

So, my beautiful readers now we know that weather is wonderfully weird.


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