Namaste, beautiful beings…  

Fam 1

Family – Life’s source of happiness. The Oxford definition: A group of people who are related by blood and marriage. 

A good, strong family bond is the greatest connection a human being can ever have in existence. We all need a family! Pets are often considered as part of the family as we love, cherish and adore them even when they work on our nerves (Captain is a perfect example of this). 

As we grow older, we understand just how much our families mean to us and how precious life really is. No family is perfect yet that is what keeps things exciting and interesting… Don’t you think? I reckon that if people surround themselves with great, close and real friends, as well as an amazing family then you live a better and more fulfilled life. A healthy mind = A healthy life!

At times, I find myself reminiscing about childhood memories. Where have the years gone? Wow, don’t know about you but, I feel really old now. HAHAHA 🙂

I adore my family, from the best of times to the darkest and everything else in between. What is family without the perfect mixture of love, security, guidance and irritation? My family is simply amazing! From the Matthee clan to the Foley clan – Family is Family!

As the distant variable plays an ugly role in everyday life, a simple phone call or catch-up day fixes it right up and the heart is happy once again. No one can argue that we would kill for our loved ones in a heartbeat, that is what family is all about! I know I would do anything and everything for my family, love never dies…


Fam 00


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