If I were to review a couple of movies from each genre, it would take ages as I do seem to enjoy getting sucked in and losing myself. I would have definitely enjoyed film school. As a passion and hobby it would have been a wonderful opportunity. Unfortunately, life has had other plans for Kelly Matthee. Gotta love Life right? I did have the greatest opportunity of being selected to write a movie review for Mnet Movies a few month back and enjoyed it a lot. I felt so proud and happy when I saw my published review online for others to see. What fun!! Moving along…

Some people only watch movies to pass the time by and do not take intense interest in the particular movie. Movies have a way of reaching out and connecting people in more ways than you can imagine… Be it a dance movie or a true-life drama (The possibilities are endless). The way films can even awaken a person’s mind to the everyday affairs is astonishing. TV shows can have the same effect.

Personally, do not watch a movie with me present and you are distracted by other things. WATCH THE MOVIE, GET SUCKED IN!! The film industry (Cast and crew) works extremely hard and long on films before the final gets released for public viewing. Yes, I do love movies. Yes, I am quite a movie “junkie”. Get over it. Some would choose a novel over a movie because reading allows the reader to put the pieces together and explore the storyline whereas a movie directly shows the storyline. I would prefer a bit of both as reading and watching is both a delight for me. Nothing beats a chilled night-in comfy in bed and switching off, snuggled up and watching a good movie (Absolute heaven for an introvert like myself) Visiting the local DVD store is also a bit of a challenge as I love a wide variety of movies and takes me a while to decide on a particular movie on a particular day, just like those shoe lovers who want or sorry “need” a new pair of shoes… 🙂 

Movie trailers are an absolute tease for me because I know that the movie will show a quick, basic promo and then leave me wondering what is to follow and how the movie will progress. I do contradict myself by watching these trailers all the time, when I know how the outcome will play out. Movies will forever be a connecting aspect for those who enjoy the film and production side of things which includes the audio and final visual that essentially becomes a film. It still amazes me how movies have evolved from the 1900s to today. People and technology definitely go hand-in-hand. Movie and TV critics definitely have one of the most in-depth and challenging jobs and I salute those who can give an honest, hard truth review. However, some movie reviews will not appease everyone and as it goes “different strokes for different folks” I believe at the end of the day a movie needs to be reviewed by the viewer themselves. If the actor believes the story being portrayed then the audience will believe. Yes, you can definitely understand why I would have enjoyed film school and have a real, intense interest in films with my blabbing about it here…  

Moving along to the duration of films. This is always a risky thing to remember when movies are being made and edited as if a film is too short then key elements are not perceived and often lack an overall enjoyment and final effect for critics and “movie junkies”. If a film is too long then the attention and general interest slowly fades and the overall effect would be too overly done. People with different tastes will obviously have different outcomes in regards to a film and its duration. Movies and TV shows have bloopers or gag reels to show the softer, funnier side of production. You can view some on YouTube and most movies and TV series have these uploaded. I love watching bloopers and gag reels, so funny and shows us that even actors do not always remember their lines. Laughter is good for one’s soul, too.


A quick thank-you message for those who have shown this blog some keen interest, I have enjoyed the challenge of writing it and showing my favourite interests in life. If you feel like getting in touch or have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact me. Email: Mattheek63@gmail.com 


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