Do you want to keep enjoying God’s amazing, natural and pristine wilderness? Do you want to make a difference and join those who fight for the ecosystems and natural surroundings? This is interlinked with animals in my blog…

We need to take action TODAY for a healthier and livable TOMORROW – There are so many good, caring and dedicated people globally that take risks in harsh climates and against those who simply ignore what we are trying to accomplish. At the end of the day it is your choice if you want to keep living the way you live (Air pollution, smog, poaching, black market trading etc.) or take a stand, change your lifestyle and live a good, clean and green friendly life. I urge people to donate where they can, educate those about global issues and get inspired to do the right thing. We only have one Home – Let us conserve and protect where possible. FACT: If we do not make serious lifestyle changes today, we will not have a tomorrow. Tomorrow starts Today … A little goes a long way 

I use to think that no little deed can help – I was wrong because every time I help out (in my own way) it adds up and contributes to the overall effort from my side and if I can get even a few people to change their minds then imagine the amazing overall effort from others. GREENPEACE, WWF and other organizations do have ways in which people can get involved and make a difference. Please check out websites, Twitter accounts and Facebook pages. I often repost stats, articles and infographs, if I can get even 5 or 10 people interested and those then get people interested, we grow in numbers and help the environment in ways that make a difference. STRENGTH IN NUMBERS. Oceans, forests, Antarctica – These are homes to animals and provide life. Doccies (Documentaries) depict how badly humans exploit all these precious and stunning places all for more money and once we have used up all we possibly can, we will have nothing left. Think about it… We live in a world where we do not think things through properly before doing them and yes, we all have made silly mistakes be it something as small as littering to something big as being oblivious to exploiting natural resources… We can be the good change this wonderful and dangerous World needs! We need to also understand that with the environment comes the ever-changing weather and that is one of the most complex issues interlinked with what is being posted, Mother Nature does what she wants to do. We are creating our own demise by means of constant deforestation, pollution etc.

Every good deed helps out in more ways than you think, trust me. Be the change 🙂 I hope that some of you will be able to make a life-changing decision (For yourself, the animals, Earth) and get involved. An advert caught my immediate attention lately, the tagline said “NATURE DOESNT NEED PEOPLE. PEOPLE NEED NATURE” check out the website NATUREISSPEAKING.ORG 

A-tropical-coral-reef  maungamate fallsScreenshot_2015-02-04-14-52-27-1


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