One of my ultimate favourite interests. EVER.

I won’t lie I am indeed quite an animal lover. I reside in a complex that (unfortunately) does not allow dogs or cats. I do have an Indian ringneck that is simply the best thing in my life. Captain is his name and suits him just fine as he is quite a cheeky handful most days. My little man, my “human”. Here we go again, getting carried away. Most mornings (naturally on cue) I feed the wild birds outside. It warms my heart, my soul to see my little daily good deed meaning something to the feathered friends outside. As they say “Do good deeds” I definitely do good deeds from feeding my feathered friends to donations. Doing good makes you feel so helpful and accomplished. I do what I can to help out, you should too. For any info on ways to help out – sms donations work great if you cannot help out in person. Here are a few …. “DOG” to 38919 “Donate food” to 48748 as well as “Donate PAWS” to 48748 “”WWF” to 38636. SA networks only.
There are lots of abandoned and neglected animals who need all the donations they can get. Check local shelters. Shelters and organizations often have a wish list that comprises of essentials (FOOD, BUILDING EQUIPMENT ETC) Check out their websites or even Facebook message them and see what is needed. After all we need to do what we can in order to accompany the animals. Please do your homework if you have queries of any kind.
These days we often hear and see how people mistreat and abuse animals, I cannot stand those heartless pigs. Gets me so furious and my blood boiling … I mean God’s creatures are meant to be respected, admired and loved. Am I wrong?
Animal shelters go out their way to rescue animals who are in dire need of a second chance, after all how would that feel if the roles were reversed and you needed a second chance, a second home? If we get fellow animal lovers together we can save thousands of homeless animals. Be it a dog, a cat, a parrot ALL animals need a loving, caring family and safe sanctuary. WWF (World Wildlife Fund) and GREENPEACE defend animals and the environment to ensure safety and conservation.

Around the world we see and hear how homes of animals get destroyed, burnt and exploited. And all because man cannot be satisfied enough with what they already have (Cue the machines). I would like to know who gives those people the right to do what they do?



My ultimate irritation is when animal attacks occur and humans think the animal itself is to blame … Yet, we go into their natural habitat their homes in such close proximity they retaliate the only way they can, by defending themselves and their families. Yes, I know some attacks are not 100% our faults.  Animals will attack (majority of the time) for food and basic survival and not out of interest. Also, the illegal hunting of animals in countries and how people get away with it, baffles me! Getting carried away with intensity is a rather annoying attribute for some and a blessing and inspiration for others as it allows thoughts, comments and motivation to stir up within. I ask you a simple question – Why do people do disgusting, heart-breaking and cruel deeds towards God’s amazing creatures? Honestly I cannot deal.  To the many pet owners and animal lovers out there – We see our lovely pets as part of the family, willing to spoil and cherish them till the end of our days and theirs. Animals truly fascinate me on a daily basis with their beauty and amazing intellect.

 I often wonder what they must be thinking… Do they contemplate life? Do they dream? Do they like the life they are living? Not many people are quite in-depth with such things and that is fine. As for the rest of us (mildly obsessed) animal lovers and owners, we connect on a completely different level…The deep kind of level. 🙂 🙂  





One thought on “* ANIMALS *

  1. I agree with you whole heartedly, Kel. Humans are the most cruel of Gods creatures. People who abuse animals definitely need to be taken to task and they deserve severe punishment.


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