Over the years I have become quite a little book-worm, with a current growing mini home library to prove my statement. After all who can resist the old-fashioned paperback novels?

Nothing beats being in a comfy spot of your own – Be it on the couch, lying down, outside with the birds and nature. Simply anywhere of your own desire – switching off from the world and transporting yourself into a good novel. Sorry, seems like I am getting carried away. We do seem to have the current debate about paperback novels vs the eBook/audio books. E-books – Font sizing (Varies from person to person) can read on reading devices, computers, and smart phones. The other debate in relation would be the printing process (All electronically done and no paper used). I am very old-fashioned and love my paperback novels and always will. The smell, feeling the pages between my fingers and the overall feel of holding a novel. Yes, I am old school yo. Besides the is a saying “Each time you open a book and read it, a tree smiles knowing there’s life after death”.. Ironically, a wide range of amazing authors actually prefer the wonderful paperback novels to the eBook/audio book.

Anyhoo, we need to support those who work at the bookstores so, I will ALWAYS support where I can. I came across a great quote and instantly made an impression on me, as I do love to explore the world of reading and expanding one’s own mind and views on things. “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you will go.” I admire authors who have some of the most fascinating and amazing minds to construct a novel from a simple yet complex idea to a beautiful well-written masterpiece. A wide (to put it vaguely) group of fellow readers enjoy different genres of novels and I think in the end we connect a little on each novel. Characters that we love, that we envy, that we can’t seem to like or understand. All these add up and within each of us we interpret the plot and storytelling on a connecting level which makes it even more exciting and book clubs often enjoy reviews of everyone. Authors too.

I would definitely like to get involved in a book club and just lose myself with people who have the same sense of book well-being as myself. I enjoy the internet and connecting with people who get the book lover within me and share as many quotes, pictures and now reading statuses. Books have a way of captivating and enriching minds. Be it fiction, real-life, sport, education and plenty others – Books will forever connect and encourage one to explore, to learn. And to enjoy. Walking into my local book shop always leaves me a little perplexed. I simply cannot just be in there for 5 or 10 minutes, I adore browsing and get bits and bobs of story and travelling to the character and author’s world. Yes, definitely getting carried away here…

Personal favourites that I would recommend: Kelley Armstrong novels (The gathering, The calling and The rising) Alyxandra Harvey novels (The Drake chronicles) Laurell k. Hamilton (Anita Blake Series wide collection) R.L Stine (Temptations) These authors do have a wide variety of other novels. So, get reading. Get to a local book shop or buy online and browse ones that best suits you.  Moving along to genres now (For those who are not completely clued up about what I am talking about – It is basically fancy lingo for book types)

An update on my book collection


As of 14 November, 2016 – My collection is sitting on 36 novels


Fiction covers a huge (putting it mildly) variety listed below

Young adult, action, sci-fi, fantasy, mysteries, thrillers, supernatural etc.

Non Fiction covers a wide range too listed below

Sport, Travel, Biographies, Politics, DIYs, Health etc.

When browsing you often pick up on other genres. Some novels even add a combination of two, three or more and adds a little more “oomph” to the story and plot twists.

Keep Calm...  Reading Quote


4 thoughts on “* BEAUTIFUL BOOKS *

  1. It is clear your vocabulary and writting style have been influenced by the authors you follow, your writting style is charming, eloquent and easy to read, maybe a career as an author yourself might be in the future for you. I Look forward to following your blog 🙂


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